New York Teacher’s Union Hypocrite Attends Puerto Rico Conference Maskless, While Demanding Children Muzzle in Class

A far-left official of the American Federation of Teachers is drawing accusations of hypocrisy after being caught removing her facemask at a Puerto Rico conference, even as she demands public school districts forcibly impose the masks on students in classrooms.

Randi Weingarten tried to explain her inability to comply with her own demands of children by stating that the attendees of the conference couldn’t hear one another. It didn’t seem to occur to her that children in classrooms can’t hear their peers or teachers when they’re forced to wear masks, either, with the luxury reserved for union officials and Democratic party functionaries.

Weingarten, the President of the American Federation of Teachers and a staunch leftist, earlier apologized for refusing to safeguard the public from the potential biological threats that stand to emanate from her mouth and nose.

A handful of sane public school teachers called out Weingarten for her hypocrisy, explaining the devastating consequences of forcing muzzles upon teachers and students in schools.

Scientific research generally indicates that most facemasks are ineffective at deterring COVID-19, with the microscopic particles simply filtering through the material of the masks. Increasingly, the fashion item has become a symbol of obedience and submission to the Democratic Party, with blue states and communities continuing to force the public to keep up with the charade even as standard liberals grow tired of the pointless and damaging charade.

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