New York Theatre Company Holds Saddest Performance Ever: A 24-Hour Live Reading of Mueller Report

Taking an obsession with discredited Russia Collusion conspiracy to new lengths of desperation, a group of New York theatre companies held a 24-hour live reading of the Mueller Report over the weekend. The reading ended on Sunday night.

The event, dramatically billed as “Filibustered and Unfiltered: America Reads the Mueller Report,” began Saturday night at a venue in Long Island City, a neighborhood in Queens- ironically, the birthplace of the President.

A director named Jackson Gay originally had the idea for the live reading, which featured music played over the report’s numerous redactions.

Tickets were sold for $10, and it’s unclear if the reading gathered a sizable crowd. Participants were encouraged to take breaks from the lengthy bore and return for more after deprogramming from a seemingly endless repetition of legal insinuations and old news.

Video from the lengthy event revealed various individuals, some of whom were presumably actors, reading the report’s milquetoast content.

It’s unaware what the organizers believed the general public would gain from the report, which represented a form of vindication for President Trump and other individuals falsely accused of collusion with the Russian government, when it became clear that Special Counsel Robert Mueller possessed no evidence to substantiate collusion conspiracies.

Some liberals and progressives had hoped their ideological brethren would find a way to move on from the lengthy two-year fascination with Robert Mueller and his investigation after it failed to produce stone-cold evidence that would lead to Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Instead, it appears elite liberals intend to be set on keeping Russia conspiracies alive, despite the complete lack of substantiation for any nefarious plot supposedly conspired between the President and Russia.

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