New York Times Brags About Demographic Changes Transforming Georgia’s Electorate

Although immigration was not as prominent of an issue during the 2020 elections like it was in 2016, the impact of mass migration cannot be overlooked.

Several journalists such as John Binder have done yeoman’s work in documenting the electoral effects of immigration. His work has been instrumental in exposing the mainstream media’s obsession with immigration.

One example that he showed his followers at Breitbart was a New York Times story titled “A New Political Force Emerges in Georgia: Asian-American Voters”, which documented the effects of Asian migration to Georgia.

Democrat officials, who recognize the electoral consequences of mass migration, are “counting on demographic changes” to permanently turn Georgia blue. They specifically cited Asian migration as one of the main drivers behind this change.

According to the Times report, the maintenance of mass migration is one of the linchpins of Democrat strategy to turn Georgia blue. Gwinnett County is ground zero for this strategy and represents one of the counties that has experienced the most significant demographic shift:

The emergence in Georgia of Asian-American voters is a potential bright spot for a Democratic Party counting on demographic changes to bring political wins across the country. Asian-Americans are the fastest-growing segment of eligible voters out of the major racial and ethnic groups in the country, according to the Pew Research Center; their numbers, nationally and in Gwinnett County, more than doubled between 2000 and 2020.

Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing minority groups in America and are making their presence felt in numerous urban centers across the country, which the Times noted in its piece:

Today, Asian immigrants have reached a critical mass and their children, entering their 30s and 40s and many of them educated in the United States, are pushing for representation. In Gwinnett County, about 12 percent of people are of Asian heritage, according to William Frey, senior demographer at the Brookings Institution.

Per the Times. exit poll, 78 percent of Asian Americans pulled the lever for Democrat Stacey Abrams when she ran against Republican Brian Kemp back in the 2018 gubernatorial race. Binder did note, however, that Asian Americans have diverse voting patterns:

Vietnamese immigrants, for example, are more likely to vote for Republicans, while immigrants from Bangladesh are much more likely to vote for Democrats, according to data published in the Times.

Breitbart has been on top of demographic changes taking place in competitive states such as Georgia. Binder observed that “The number of foreign-born voters and their voting-age children in Georgia has boomed by 337 percent between 2000 to 2020. Meanwhile, the native-born voting-age population in Georgia has increased by just 22 percent over that same period.”

Given these demographic changes, many states will become easier for Democrats to take over. The way migrants vote explains this and Democrats now have multiple decades of data demonstrating this trend.

Binder concluded by detailing the level of immigration inflow that the U.S. is projected to experience should it not reform its immigration policies:

If legal immigration levels are not reduced, the U.S. will have imported about 15 million new foreign-born voters by 2040. Those 15 million new foreign-born voters include about eight million who will have arrived through chain migration.

The GOP cannot afford to ignore immigration any longer. The very essence of the U.S. political system is at stake. To prevent potential one-party dominance and an unprecedented demographic transformation, immigration restriction should be the GOP’s number one political priority.

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