New York Times Bullied Into Deleting Tweet By Outraged Liberals

The former paper of record was forced to delete a Tweet Thursday after users of the microblogging platform deemed it “insensitive.”

“We’re sorry for this tweet. In retrospect, a Twitter poll is insensitive in light of the gravity of this hearing. We’ve deleted it,” the New York Times said, attaching a screenshot of the Tweet in question.

The Times’ followers, it seems, were unhappy with a poll asking whether readers found Christine Blasey Fored’s testimony against Brett Kavanaugh in Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing credible. Holding the “wrong” opinion on matters like this would constitute wrong-think, a serious crime on the political left.

Among the outraged was Verge editor Ruben Salvadori.

“Not ok @nytopinion,” he Tweeted.

He was joined by ex-Forbes staff writer Clare O’Connor.

“This is sick!” she said.

Jodi Jacobon piled on.

“where is the WTAF button for this question?” asked the Editor in Chief of Rewire. 

WTAF stands for “what the actual [expletive].

The Times eventually caved to the bombardment of the social justice mob, which ironically they have helped to create by turner their once-revered newspaper into a leftist rag.

Another lesson learned: no matter how politically correct one remains, the social justice crows will always want more.

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