New York Times Editor Jonathan Weisman Demoted for Racially Insensitive Conduct

A Washington political editor of the New York Times has been demoted by his newspaper after a series of comments made that incensed the media titan’s liberal readers. Jonathan Weisman had made comments critical of insurgent progressive Democrats such as Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

Weisman became a target for criticism on the left when he claimed the the two legislators weren’t actually from the midwestern constituencies they represent in Congress.

The longtime mainstream media journalist has an editorial stance that favors establishment Democrats against insurgent leftists seeking to exert influence within the party.

Weisman also became a target of racism accusations when he blamed Justice Democrats, a left-wing caucus, for mounting a primary challenge of a black Democrat. He completely failed to mention that the primary challenger they endorsed was also black.

Weisman went on to angrily email the Justice Democrats-endorsed candidate, arrogantly claiming that she owed him an apology after correcting his erroneous assertion that she wasn’t black.

Weisman was stripped of his editor position, which involved overseeing the New York Times’ network of contributors in Washington D.C, after a meeting with the paper’s executive editor, Dean Baquet. He’ll be allowed to stay on with the New York Times in a reduced and perhaps ceremonial position.

He was compelled to grovel for forgiveness, admitting that he had “embarrassed the newspaper” after his demotion.

If Weisman can be called a victim of “political correctness,” he’s nothing more than a casualty of his own creation. The mainstream media propagandist has written at length falsely accusing Donald Trump of encouraging neo-Nazis and puppeteering a renaissance of racial hatred throughout the United States.

The disgraced editor now faces a lengthy, if not insurmountable, climb to regain his prestigious status with the media elite.

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