New York Times Inverts Reality, Blames Mitch McConnell for Stalled Coronavirus Relief Bill Blocked by Dems

New York Times Flickr/Creative Commons

The New York Times is spinning hard for Congressional Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after they torpedoed legislation to provide relief to Americans harmed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was ready to approve a coronavirus bailout bill in bipartisan fashion last night before he was upended by Pelosi, who attempted to inject billions of dollars worth of unrelated spending into the legislative proposal.

Pelosi’s pork requests were chronicled by Conservative Partnership Institute analyst Rachel Bovard in a series of Tweets.

The Times did not mention Pelosi playing politics with the coronavirus relief bill in their disingenuous op/ed blaming Republicans. They instead chided McConnell for providing relief to corporations in the bailout legislation.

“Mr. McConnell emerged on Sunday evening with a bill that would provide a lot of help for corporate executives and shareholders, and not nearly enough for American workers,” the fake news demons wrote in the op/ed.

“Senate Democrats, refusing to play along, blocked the bill in a procedural vote on Sunday night and again on Monday afternoon. But responsibility for the deadlock rests squarely on Mr. McConnell’s shoulders,” they added.

The op/ed pointed to the Federal Reserve, which has bailed out Wall Street to the tune of trillions, as an example for what Congress should do. They said that “senators must emulate the Fed’s urgency and authorize a set of supersize economic rescue programs.”

While the Times is happy to let the Fed bail out Wall Street to their heart’s content, they nitpick regarding small amounts of money that would be at the administration’s discretion in McConnell’s legislation.

“The bill would create a $500 billion bailout fund for corporations. Most of the money would backstop the Federal Reserve’s broad-based emergency lending programs, but the Treasury would also get $75 billion for targeted bailouts. The Treasury undoubtedly needs resources and flexibility to confront the crisis. But it would be unpardonable folly for Congress to grant too much latitude to an administration that has repeatedly proved itself to be a careless steward of public resources,” they wrote.

The Times editorial board is demanding that Republicans jump to Pelosi’s demands, as she attempts to exploit coronavirus panic to bankroll her partisan agenda.

“Republicans can quickly resolve this standoff by accepting the necessary changes to protect the public interest… The federal government is already lagging badly in its response to the coronavirus crisis. People are losing their jobs, and their businesses, with every passing day. It is time to act,” they concluded.

The fake news has shown that they have no fidelity to anything other than ruthless globalism, and they will gleefully dupe the American public during a pandemic if it means hurting the Trump administration and Republican Party.

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