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New York Times Op-Ed Admits That Traditional America is “Most Likely a Thing of the Past”

Sad but true.



Leftist New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow published an opinion piece Sunday saying that four types of migration are threatening to upend traditional American culture and identity.

Blow believes that the four kinds of migration which have the potential to permanently reshape the United States “culturally, economically and politically” are climate migration, mass legal immigration, millennial urbanization, and the migration of blacks back to the South.

He first cites a New York Times Magazine report that claims almost half the country could experience “a decline in the quality of their environment, namely more heat and less water,” and that by 2070 “at least four million Americans could find themselves living at the fringe, in places decidedly outside the ideal niche for human life.” This will not just impact the United States, but many other countries around the world, and because of this Blow predicts that “millions of climate migrants” will come to US shores over the next few decades.

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As for mass legal immigration, immigrants and their children are slated to become 36 percent of the US population by 2065, according to the Pew Research Center. By that time the population of the United States could be 441 million, and given the birthrates of immigrants and their children, a whopping 88 percent of the increase could be linked to them alone.

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It’s also no secret that the overwhelming majority of these immigrants will be Hispanics and Asians. If current trends hold, white Americans will become a minority by 2040 or 2045. Furthermore, Asians are on pace to outnumber blacks and the Hispanic population may eventually double up the black population.

The third and fourth types of migration are taking place within the borders of the United States itself: urbanization from younger generations and the reverse migration of blacks back to the South. Younger people leaving small towns for big cities has been happening for several years now, but the main drivers of this phenomenon are millennials, and they show no signs of slowing the trend.

Blow finally predicts that the reverse migration of blacks to the South from the North, Midwest, and West will “only continue and intensify” over the coming years. In 2011, the Times reported that the percentage of blacks living in the South hit its highest point in 50 years. The report also found that younger and more educated blacks are looking for opportunities in other parts of the country because of declining northeastern and midwestern cities.

Blow concludes his piece by stating that “we may well be on the verge of a New America, a reshuffled United States, in which power, to some degree is redistributed and exercised by emerging power players and power centers.”

America as we have come to know it is likely a thing of the past. Migratory movements have continually reshaped this country and that trend shows no signs of ending,” he added.


The Department of Homeland Security Has Plans to Undermine Immigration Enforcement

The Biden administration is working towards a de facto abolition of ICE.



Are Democrats going to appease their radical base by abolishing ICE?

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is now putting forward a plan to restructure the federal deportation agency in a way that effectively guts its traditional role of arresting and deporting criminal aliens in the country. 

According to a Washington Times report by Stephen Dinan, Mayorkas revealed the idea last week in a telephone meeting with ICE personnel in Texas. In this call, Mayorkas proposed taking 4,000 members of ICE off the streets and transitioning them into roles of criminal investigators.

As a result of this proposed change, ICE agents would no longer be working to enforce laws against aliens illegally residing in the U.S. This entails reducing arrests and deportations.

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A number of deportation officers said this move was similar to a major city police department shifting its beat cops into detective roles. As a result of this change, no one would be left to patrol the streets for lesser crimes.

“This is an administrative abolishment of ICE as we currently know it,” an ICE source told The Washington Times.

After the phone call, there were still many questions regarding Mayorkas’ intentions with ICE. Questions about what new training ICE agents would have to go through and the pay structure they would be subject to were not addressed.

According to The Washington Times, Mayorkas was of the opinion that ICE officers were in the wrong pay system. Mayorkas allegedly said that deportation officers are in the wrong pay scale but did suggest the idea of a pay raise.

Under the current federal government job system, deportation officers are categorized as GS-1801 jobs and usually fall under GS-12 pay scale. Criminal investigators hold GS-1811 jobs and fall under the GS-13 pay scale.

Mayorkas’ ploy is to use the promotion offers as a way to get ICE agents on board with his plan to gut deportation enforcement plans.

However, one source revealed that many officers feared that they were being forced out of their original jobs.

“It’s all spin,” the source declared. “We’re not going to abolish ICE, but we really are going to abolish ICE as you know it.”

The abolition of ICE is one of the chief slogans for the multicultural Left in recent years, which is committed to importing destabilization levels of migrants.

How ICE’s abolition would look is “tougher to pin down” as Dinan outlined.

Dinan continued:

They usually aren’t talking about investigating smugglers, street gangs or child pornographers. Homeland Security Investigations, with its 7,000-strong force of GS-1811 criminal investigators, perform those duties.

So far, the “Abolish ICE” crowd is in opposition to the Enforcement and Removal Operations, which is generally tasked with arrests, detention, and deportation of people illegally in the country.

Dinan listed off where the majority of these arrests came from: 

Most of those arrests come from deportation officers picking up people who end up in local prisons or jails. But some fraction are at-large arrests in the community — particularly in areas where state and local sanctuary policies block access to prisons or jails.

The administrative tweaks Mayorkas is implementing are indeed a way to defang ICE in a subtle manner. A traditional legislative effort would likely cause massive backlash from voters who would likely take their anger out on politicians at the polls in 2022.

Border security is crucial in maintaining a stable polity. Republicans who have any iota of nationalism in their bones would take this issue and run with it.

Immigration still remains an issue that resonates well with the grassroots.


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