New York Times: Trump Can Still Win The Nobel Peace Prize

In a groundbreaking turn of events, The New York Times has announced that the Nobel Peace Prize is still on the table for President Donald Trump following his freeing of the three American hostages.

The Times reports: “After the meeting between the North and South Korean leaders at the Demilitarized Zone dividing their nations, supporters are pushing for bestowing the often-controversial award on Mr. Trump, a starkly polarizing leader himself, for the role he has played in the talks. Several of them cite the Nobel Prize given to Mr. Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama, less than a year into his term as a precedent for an American president receiving the award early in his tenure.”

President Trump has twice avoided going into open war against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, opting for symbolic targeted air strikes, after his administration pushed him to invade based on alleged evidence of chemical attacks by Assad. Trump also resisted an effort by foreign policy advisers James Mattis and H.R. McMaster (since fired) to send 100,000 ground troops into Iraq.

The stories of the three men freed from North Korea inspire the world.

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President Trump has returned strength and dignity to American diplomacy.

Millions of people around the world celebrate President Trump’s foreign policy victories.


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