New York U.S Congressional Candidate Carl Paladino Dominates Anti-Trump RINO Nick Langworthy with 30 Point Lead

Iconic businessman and former New York governor candidate Carl Paladino has opened up a massive lead over RINO New York GOP chairman Nick Langworthy for the state’s new 23rd U.S. Congressional district.

A recent poll conducted by WPAi Intelligence shows that Paladino has the support of 54 percent of Republican primary voters while Langworthy has only 24 percent support from the same group. Even though Langworthy is GOP chairman, voters don’t know who he is – an obvious sign of his weak leadership. Only 30 percent of Republican primary voters are familiar with Langworthy, and a mere 13 percent of Republican voters hold a favorable image of him.

“I am thankful and humbled by the massive support the great patriots of Western NY and the Southern Tier have shown me, and we’re just getting started,” Paladino said in a statement responding to the poll.

“I am ready to serve this district with all my heart and the grassroots of this district know it and believe it. My campaign had 1,000 ballot signatures more than my opponent, in far less time,” he added.

The Langworthy campaign is predictably attempting to downplay and minimize the dire news about their fledgling efforts.

“Nick has had huge grassroots momentum since announcing his candidacy and every day, Carl’s campaign continues to crater and hemorrhage support,” Langworthy’s campaign spokesperson Bryan Pilgra said.

Langworthy’s campaign has grown increasingly unhinged in their attacks on Paladino in recent days as their hope of winning the primary election slips away. They have attacked Paladino for his private sector business record, and the fact that he is not bought and beholden to special interest donors.

“This district is finished with millionaires trying to purchase a seat in Congress. There’s a reason why Nick’s raised more than $300,000 – an eye-popping number – in less than three weeks,” Piligra stated. “Nick’s broad-based coalition is a clear sign that the voters of this district want a stable, proven conservative who won’t embarrass them any longer.”

Under the perverted logic demonstrated by the Langworthy campaign, Donald Trump “purchased” the presidency in 2016 by self-funding and not whoring himself out to lobbyists and entrenched political hacks on the campaign trail.

Big League Politics has reported on other times Langworthy has been completely out of touch with President Trump’s America First movement:

America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani is exposing RINO Nick Langworthy as an anti-Trumper who told governor candidates “not to mention Trump” in the Republican primary.

Giuliani, whose son Andrew placed second in the New York Republican gubernatorial primary last month, said Langworthy, the current New York GOP chairman, told a group of governor candidates “we wanna get free of Trump.” He made the remarks during a June 16 campaign event for his son in Elma.

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