New York Woman Arrested for Faking Trump-Related ‘Hate Crime’

A New York woman has been arrested and charged with making false written punishable statements after fabricating a story alleging that she was the victim of a Trump-related hate crime.

“On Friday, Adwoa Lewis, 19, gave detectives a written statement stating she was driving home on Sept. 2 when four teenagers confronted her,” according to WCBV.

Lewis, a Long Island resident, claimed that the teens yelled “Trump 2016” and told her that she “didn’t belong there.”  Further, she told police that she parked outside her home, and woke up with a slashed tire along with a note that said “go home” on her vehicle the next morning.

The story was apparently not as solid as Lewis would have preferred.

“An investigation into the alleged incident revealed Lewis had fabricated the story and no such altercation took place,” according to the report. “Police said Lewis later admitted she wrote the note and placed it on her car.”

Fake hate crimes are on the rise in America during a time when the political climate is already highly polarized. At least 10 such crimes were debunked on college campuses alone in 2017.

A student at the University of Michigan was fined $660 and is on a suspended 93-day jail sentence, pending probation adherence, for falsely reporting a hate crime last year. She told police that she was targeted for wearing a “solidarity pin” – the safety pin worn by leftists after Trump’s election – when in reality she scratched herself with the pin after becoming upset during a women’s literature class.

In April, 2017, an Indian-owned convenience store in Charlotte, NC was vandalized and set ablaze. A note reading “We need to get rid of Muslims, Indians and all immigrants.” It was signed, “White America,” was left behind.

Curtis Flournoy, a 32-year-old black man was arrested and charged for the crime. Surveillance video showed him lighting the fire, according to a report.

The spike in fake hate crimes has been so severe that a website,, now documents such incidents.


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