New York Young Republican Club Stands With Conservative Who Called Out Communist China

On July 21, 2020, the New York Young Republican Club stood in solidarity with Fordham University student Austin Tong “in defense of his freedom of expression and his right to keep and bear arms.”

In a statement it released on its website, the Young Republican Club criticized Fordham University for its “totalitarian stance and its self-serving, active embrace of the Communist Party of China and its ideology.”

Tong ticked off Fordham University administrators and leftists on campus with two pictures he posted on Instagram.

In his first post, Tong celebrated the life of retired police officer David Dorn. Violent agitators murdered Dorn in cold blood after he defended his friend’s store from looting during a riot that Democrat officials in St. Louis allowed to take place. The Young Republican donated funds to support Officer Dorn’s family.

The following day, Tong posted a photo of himself posing with an AR-15 that he legally acquired. In the photo, he had a caption that alluded to the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4, 1989 that the Chinese Communist Party carried out. He used the famous Gadsden flag slogan “Don’t Tread on Me.” By posting this photo, Tong made many Fordham University students throw a fit.

Instead of using Tong’s content as a history lesson for those who are in awe of the Chinese Communist Party, Fordham University administrators decided to punish Tong for committing a “hate crime” and participating in “intimidating behavior.”

A large portion of the Fordham student body lost its mind simply because Tong decided to exercise his freedom of expression. On social media many of these triggered leftists decided to attack Tong in the comments section of his Instagram posts.

Tong received the title of Honorary Member from the Young Republican Club for his gutsy decision to stand up for freedom and call out the Chinese Communist Party during a time when people turn a blind eye to China’s authoritarian domestic policies and its weaponization of migration abroad to move forward its geopolitical agenda.

Tong serves as an example for all patriotic Americans to follow.

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