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New York Young Republicans Threaten to Sue Gov. Andrew Cuomo Following Attacks Against 1st Amendment

They will not bow to Cuomo’s tyranny.



The New York Young Republicans are under fire from the Democrat establishment for planning to hold an in-person event as Gov. Andrew Cuomo is instituting another business-crippling lockdown.

The group is not backing down under fire, as evidenced by a Twitter thread from the group’s president, Gavin Wax. Wax has said that his group will strike back in court if state thugs unduly restrict their 1st Amendment right to organize politically.

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Additionally, Wax appeared on the “War Room” podcast to discuss the entire situation on Wednesday:

Big League Politics has covered the New York Young Republican club as they have stood boldly against Cuomo’s persecution of Jewish groups:

A controversial crack down by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio against Hasidic Jews was met with sharp criticism by Gavin Wax, the president of the New York Young Republican Club.

Earlier this week, many Hasidic Jews took to the streets to protest Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new restrictions on schools, businesses, and places of worship in nine neighborhoods with rising Wuhan virus cases.

The New York Young Republican Club criticized the de Blasio government’s “radical and inconsistent enforcement actions” against Jewish worshippers practicing their faith during, Sukkot, an important Jewish holiday.

In a statement it released on October 8, 2020, the New York Young Republican Club asserted that “The rights of all Americans to assemble, whether in religious celebration or protest, cannot and should not be infringed and even in a global pandemic can be observed with the proper safeguards and health awareness.”

The Republican organization called attention to how New York City leadership has messed up political priorities by “allowing extremism from left to continue unabated and un-policed, from blocking streets and bridges to looting and rioting, while not hesitating to condemn and disturb the peaceful exercise of Jews’ religious rites.”

In addition, it argued that “arbitrary application of regulations and safeguards under the guise of public health and safety reeks of selective priority and in a time when so many have died, while some turn to government and progressivism as a religion for comfort, others turn to God and de Blasio should not stand in the way.”

More populist anger is rapidly building against Cuomo and other lockdown proponents who want to replace the Bill of Rights and Constitution with permanent technocracy.

The New York Young Republicans event is scheduled to take place at 6pm tonight in an undisclosed location. The guests of honor will be Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and journalist James O’Keefe.


SICK: California Bill Proposes to Fine Retailers That Maintain Separate Clothing and Toys Sections for Boys and Girls

Any headline that begins with “California bill” is bound to reveal something bad.



Two Democrats in the California state legislature have introduced a bill that would force retail stores to offer boys and girls’ clothing and toys in one gender neutral section.

According to, the bill would impact brick-and-mortar stores as well as online retailers based in California. It was introduced by Assembly Members Evan Low and Cristina Garcia.

Brick-and-mortar stores, if the bill became law, would be required to display the “majority” of their children’s clothing and toys in a single “unisex” area. They would also not be allowed to put up signs that indicate whether a certain toy or clothing item is intended for boys or girls.

Stores that maintain separate boys and girls sections could potentially face a $1,000 fine for non-compliance, though this only applies to retailers that employ over 500 people.

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Online California-based retailers are not exempt from a similar provision. They would be required to offer their children’s toys and clothing on a single webpage titled “kids,” “unisex,” or “gender neutral.”

There are clear political and social motivations behind this bill, namely to use the state to compel “inclusivity” and encourage the “self-expression” of disordered inclinations at a very young age. It’s despicable.

In related news, Big League Politics recently reported on how 16 percent of Americans age 18 to 23 identify as LGBTQ. That figure will surely increase as the drive to downplay the biological and social differences between males and females ramps up.

A recent Gallup poll has revealed that a record number of American adults identify as LGBTQ, with members of Generation Z—young adults ages 18 to 23—mostly behind this increase.

In 2017 4.5 percent of American adults identified as LGBTQ, but now that figure has jumped to 5.6 percent, which constitutes an estimated 18 million people.

Even more incredible is that one out of every six Americans aged 18 to 23—a whopping 15.9 percent!—consider themselves LGBTQ.

The poll also dives into specifics about the respondents’ sexual orientation, as opposed to simply asking if they identified as LGBTQ. 54.6 percent of the respondents consider themselves bisexual, 24.5 percent gay, 11.7 percent lesbian, and 11.3 percent transgender.

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