New York’s Education Department Cancels Statewide History Exam

Following a mass shooting that took place on May 14, 2022 in Buffalo, New York,  the New York State Education Department got rid of its statewide standardized history exam. According to a report by Natalie Musumeci at Insider, the state officials justified the move by claiming that the exam has the “potential to compound student trauma” in the wake of the Buffalo shooting.  

The exam was originally scheduled to take place on June 1. State Education Commissioner Betty Rosa detailed the reasoning behind the move in a letter to her colleagues 

Rosa stated that in the aftermath of “the heinous mass shooting in Buffalo,” content experts in the New York Education Department alongside state educators looked at all of the June 2022 Regents exams and “determined that there is content” feature in the history portion of the exam “that has the potential to compound student trauma caused by the recent violence in Buffalo.” 

“While developed by NYS-certified social studies teachers more than two years ago and field-tested to confirm that the exam’s content is educationally sound, the tragedy in Buffalo has created an unexpected and unintended context for the planned assessment,” Rosa added in the letter, that appears on New York’s Department of Education. 

Rosa declared it was “not possible to produce a test with different content or to make modifications to the developed assessment in the short time period before the administration date.”

“To appropriately support our students and their well-being, the Department is canceling the administration of the Regents Examination in United States History and Government (Framework) for June 2022,” Rosa declared. 

Emily DeSantis, a spokesperson for the Patent of Education, told Insider that one question on the history  exam caused the department to scrap the test.  

“In the wake of the Buffalo tragedy, it is not appropriate to administer the exam with a question that could compound the grief and hardship faced by our school communities,” DeSantis declare. 

The state Department of Education revealed that one question prompted education policymakers to scrap the test. However, the agency did not reveal any official details about what the specific question on the history exam dealt with and instead told Insider to file a Freedom of Information Law request to the department. 

Due to how embedded wokism is in state institutions, it’s inevitable that public schools start lobotomizing themselves by getting rid of tests and dumbing down their educational curriculum. 

Blue states will be at the forefront of this trend as woke bureaucrats begin to flex their muscles and try to indoctrinate as many people as possible. At this point, the Right must start promoting homeschooling, private schooling, and other non-state provided forms of education.

Continuing to support public schools is aiding and abetting an enemy institution. Nothing positive can come from this. 

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