New Zealand Music Festival Evacuated After Someone Thought They Saw ‘Right Wing Tattoo’

New Zealand Evacuates Concert Right Wing Tattoo

A New Zealand music festival was evacuated over the weekend after a concert goer spotted a fellow attendee sporting what they thought was a “right wing tattoo.”

New Zealand’s Homegrown Festival was evacuated over the weekend amid the current hysteria after a concert goer was spotted with what was assumed to be a “right wing tattoo.”

It was later established by police, who questioned the concertgoer with the allegedly offensive tattoo, that it was in fact a tribal design, likely meant to honor New Zealand’s native Maori population. Police called it an “innocent misunderstanding” and allowed attendees to reenter after he was questioned.

Nearly 5,000 concert goers were evacuated because of the body art.

Police chose to evacuate the entire festival because the individual with the allegedly right wing tattoo was not easily singled out from the crowd after the report was made. The report apparently came in as music groups were trading places on stage, meaning some of those attending the concert were leaving as others were arriving.

While police and the venue have posted statements declaring there was no threat to the safety of concertgoers, they also have yet to explain why a “right wing tattoo” would be a reason to evacuate 5,000 people from a public space.

Big League Politics contacted the event organizers to ask what would have happened to the attendee if he had been sporting “right wing” body art, and whether they inspect the tattoos of all of their attendees.

In response, the event organizers replied that they had no intention of removing the person with possibly offending body art, or to inspect the body art of its attendees, but said that “there were numerous factors involved and unfortunately due to recent events security was hyper vigilant,” adding, “It was an innocent misunderstanding, human error. We are very sorry to all for any inconvenience.”

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