New Zealand Prime Minister Appears Giddy At Establishing Medical Apartheid

Jacinda Ardern, current PM/medical tyrant of New Zealand.

Over the last year and a half, New Zealand, along with Australia and Canada, have shown Americans that the other three settler countries are a bit different from them after all. Indeed, despite the admitted impossibility of implementing a zero-covid strategy amid the much more contagious delta variant, the formerly free nation of 4.5 million has had this policy thrust upon them by their Prime Minister all the way till the beginning of this month. As vaccination rates in the Anglosphere country continue to lag that of other developed countries, the Kiwi government has decided to bring back a treasure of the twentieth century: apartheid.

According to Summit News, Prime Minister and hall monitor aspirant Jacinda Ardern gleefully admitted that the unvaccinated will be treated differently from the vaccinated with regards to their personal autonomy going forward should the country supposedly need to return to lockdowns during future case spikes, akin to restricting certain racial categories from visiting certain parts of the country under South African apartheid.

What makes the turn of events even more chilling for some is the positive emotional response Ardern cannot seem to suppress when admitting to her ambitions of creating a two-tiered society. When the reporter in the interview below asked if the new policies meant that people would be treated differently based on vaccination status, thereby “creating two classes of people,” Ardern appeared unable to fully conceal a grin when she replied with “that is what it is,” apparently willing to admit that what she has launched is essentially medical apartheid.

It would also appear that there will be an inevitable backlash to Ardern’s far-left tyranny from the very sources the radical left hopes to draw its most ardent support from. The Maori and other Pacific Islander minorities in New Zealand appear to be lagging behind the rest of the population in terms of their vaccination rates, meaning that they will be the very groups that will be most affected by this medical apartheid, which has already drawn considerable opposition from minority interest groups while some have even compared the new policies to the segregation policies New Zealand itself had against the Maori and others up till the 1950s.

On a completely unrelated note, Ardern was served a two-year term as President of the International Socialist Youth from 2008 to 2010.

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