News Site Holds Tournament of Worst White People of 2017

The Root, Twitter

The Root, an online news site catering to the African American community, is holding the “Worst Wypipo Tournament” to find the worst white person of 2017.

The website consistently posts news stories and commentary asserting that reverse racism, otherwise known simply as “racism,” does not exist. In the tournament announcement, writer Michael Harriot wrote that “for years we have chronicled the savagery and shenanigans of wypipo worldwide. While some may indeed throw shade on the white man, we shed light on his actions. Therefore, we thought it would lift the spirits of wypipo worldwide if we set aside a few weeks dedicated specifically to the least of ye.”

Despite being a tournament to find the “worst white people,” Harriot went on to claim that it isn’t actually about all white people.

“To be clear, this tournament is not about white people. In fact, most people of the Caucasian persuasion were declared ineligible for this tournament. We specifically limited this single-elimination, head-to-head contest to wypipo—the subset of citizens defined by privilege, the ability to wear flip-flops in all climates and an irrational empathy for animals while displaying antipathy for any group of people other than their own,” Harriot added.

The tournament is divided into “Rich/(In)Famous/Powerful Assholes; Groups/Companies/Organizations; Whites Gone Wild; and Beckys.” The website opted not to include President Donald Trump, as it “would be like the NCAA allowing the Golden State Warriors to compete in March Madness.”

Instead, they included White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, calling him “chief racism adviser to the rooster-headed chimpanzee in the White House.”

The tournament also includes people such as Roger Stone, Maine Governor Paul LePage, Shia LeBouf, Milo Yiannopoulos, Bill Maher, and Jeff Sessions.

Referring to Stone, The Root claimed without basis that he “basically hacked the 2016 election, subverted the American democracy and made Trump the president, so there’s that.”

As this liberal website is holding an actual tournament of hate, they are also claiming that the Mississippi state flag is “hate speech.”

“Many people (pronounced “caw-cajuns”) argue that the flag is a symbol of history and Southern heritage. They say the flag does not promote hate or white supremacy but instead is a reminder of the legacy of the old South,” the Root reported. “Those people are idiots.”

Hypocrisy much? If The Root is serious about cracking down on “hate speech” perhaps they should start in their own newsroom.

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