Newsbusters Editor Says ‘Never Go Full Malkin’ and Immediately Gets Lambasted by Real Conservatives

Newsbusters managing editor Curtis Houck is getting slammed on social media after writing “never go full Malkin” in a Twitter post.

His tweet can be seen here:

Conservatives rallied to Malkin’s defense immediately, and Houck was blasted for his wanna-be gatekeeping of the right-wing:

This is not the first time that Houck has attempted to police the conservative movement to protect the GOP establishment, as journalist Ashley Rae Goldenberg pointed out on her Communism Kills blog. Goldenberg mentioned that Houck led a harassment campaign against her for committing wrong-think that eventually resulted in her losing employment.

“On a personal level, Curtis loves to talk about how much he cares about mental health. He talks about his depression. He talks about how he wanted to die after his short-term relationships failed. He references how he changes his Facebook default photo to a photo of Charlie Brown crying every time he gets dumped,” Goldenberg wrote, making the argument that Houck is a weak beta male.

“At the same time, he loves to dogpile on people and tries to insult them by pretending they are mentally ill and need “help.” He’s done the exact same to me. If he truly thought his political opponents were mentally ill, he’d offer them sympathy, instead of sending internet mobs against them. But of course, like so many people who go on and on about their mental illnesses, he just wants to make people feel bad for saying anything mean about him,” she added.

Big League Politics has reported about the many attempts by the globalist GOP establishment to cancel Malkin because of her support of the “America First” movement:

On July 19, 2020, conservatives rallied at the Denver state capitol where they were by a mob of agitators who assaulted them.

One of the most prominent people who was attacked at this rally was conservative commentator Michelle Malkin.

One “conservative” commentator Andrew Struttman, an owner and partner of Saratoga Strategies, penned an article in the Denver Post on this situation.

Although he condemned the leftist mob’s attack, he went out of his way to attack Malkin as well.

He believed that this rally was a “painful reminder that Malkin remains a part of the conservative movement in Colorado.”

Struttman added that “It is morally unconscionable that she has a platform within conservative circles, including speaking at this rally.”

The conservative operative did acknowledge Malkin’s support for immigration restriction but then called her out for moving “on to the fever swamps of the Alt Right.”

Conservative Inc. operatives like Houck are enraged that they cannot prevent Malkin from being a relevant figure in the movement. Their influence is waning as populism wins over the American right.

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