Newsmax Allegedly Fired Anchor For Opposing Vax Mandates And ‘Going Hard On Jen Psaki’

Newsmax has come under fire recently for implementing a forced Covid-19 inoculation mandate for all of its staff.

Big League Politics covered their last major move, with the media outlet forcing out former Trump advisor and organization favorite Steve Cortes, which Big League Politics covered last month.

Former Trump advisor Steve Cortes has been forced out of his position with the ostensibly conservative television network, Newsmax over his refusal to submit to the COVID-19 jab.

Cortes will do a final broadcast sometime over the next week. He left after Newsmax issued him an ultimatum of sorts: submit to the experimental vaccine or resign. Cortes chose to leave with his dignity intact

Newsmax Forces Former Trump Advisor Steve Cortes Out of His Position for Refusing the COVID-19 Jab

Now the organization has recently decided to also part ways with White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson, another popular Newsmax reporter who made news throughout the year for her skirmishes with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Robinson’s questioning towards Psaki during White House Press briefings apparently struck a nerve with the CEO of Newsmax, with network insiders exclusively telling Red State that Robinson upset Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy when she refused to obey his June 2021 directive to “go easy on the Biden administration, particularly Jen Psaki.”

Anonymous sources also indicated to Red State suspicions of Robinson also being targeted due to her refusal to be coerced into taking the Covid-19 shot and for her own personal opinions on the treatment in general.

Newsmax has in the past attempted to lie and deny that they are enacting a network-wide vaccine mandate, with some speculating a motive of damage-control through attempts to quell the anger of anti-mandate Americans that support the channel. These attempts at dishonesty were quickly exposed for what they were, even as recently as this month when Newsmax reporter Grant Stinchfield was barred from attending a network Christmas party because they chose to hold it at a venue where vaccine cards were required.

To further add insult to injury, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy even wrote an op-ed in July that endlessly praised Joe Biden for “making a huge dent in the COVID pandemic.”

“I personally like what Biden has done with the vaccine,” Ruddy gushed.

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