Newsmax Continues Its Slide, Publishes Pro-Biden Propaganda Written by Clinton Attorney

After Fox News infamously joined in the vote steal against President Trump on and after election night, there was an immediate mass exodus to Newsmax, the upstart competitor that had up until that point been more pro-Trump than Fox.

However, Newsmax has blown all their momentum in record time by showing that they are just as in the tank for the establishment as their globalist competitor.

The latest sell-out move from Newsmax is the publication of a pro-Biden op/ed written by long-time Clinton attorney Lanny Davis.

The article contends that Biden will unite Republicans and Democrats around globalism and the corrupt pre-Trump status quo.

“I have known Biden since early 1973, his first months as Delaware’s then new U.S. senator. I know he can do so not by reinventing himself but by being Joe Biden,” Davis wrote.

Davis makes the laughable assertion that Biden will bring the country together by pushing a federal “solution” to global warming akin to more Solyndra disasters.

“Biden can prove that the fight to address climate change and save our planet is also about creating tens of millions of new jobs in energy renewal industries — in solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric generation and other technologies,” he wrote.

What else will unite America under “president-elect” Biden’s reign? The dramatic expansion of big government and more taxpayer d0llars for the Washington D.C. swamp.

“And as part of this new infrastructure Marshall Plan, Biden can reinvent national public service programs for young people to work on these projects and for seniors to tutor students in rural and inner-city schools — in other words, Biden’s own version of FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) on the environment and Works Progress Administration (WPA) on public works, LBJ’s VISTA and Job Corps programs, and Bill Clinton’s AmeriCorps,” Davis wrote.

Big League Politics has reported on Newsmax’s downfall, which has included capitulating to Dominion and Smartmatic following a legal threat:

The ostensibly conservative TV network Newsmax has finished selling out after emerging as an upstart competitor to Fox News, caving to the infamous election software companies Dominion and Smartmatic after receiving legal threats.

“Since election day, various guests, attorneys, and elected officials have appeared on Newsmax and offered opinions and claims on Smartmatic and Dominion systems,” anchor John Tabacco said on the TV network.

“Both companies that offer voting software in the U.S., and Newsmax would like to clarify its news coverage and note that it has not reported as true certain claims made about these companies,” he added.

The selling out only intensified at this point, as the anchor recited public relations spin that might as well have been written by a Dominion or Smartmatic hack.

“Newsmax has found no evidence that either Dominion or Smartmatic owns the other or has any business association with each other. We have no evidence that Dominion uses Smartmatic software or vice versa. No evidence has been offered that Dominion or Smartmatic used software or reprogrammed software that manipulated votes in the 2020 election,” Tabacco said.

Conservatives have rejected Jesus Christ in favor of the dollar bill, and Newsmax is emblematic of the abject failure of the movement to stand strong on anything.

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