Newsmax Lies About Tucker Carlson: ‘Supports Russia’s War’

A well-known allegedly “conservative” media outlet called Newsmax recently made a statement that is at its best ostensibly false and at its worst downright slanderous.

The lie in question was hurled at Fox News host Tucker Carlson, essentially accusing him of being in bed with Putin and the Kremlin itself:

“Newsmax has coverage 24/7 and on the ground in Ukraine with our correspondents Sarah Williamson and Chuck Holton.

Newsmax strongly opposes Putin, his unprovoked attack on a sovereign and democratic nation, and has strongly criticized Fox News’ top host Tucker Carlson for supporting Putin and Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.”

Newsmax’s recent announcement against Tucker Carlson has proved controversial, drawing anger from numerous right-wing political commentators. Chronicles Magazine Editor Pedro Gonzalez weighed in on the situation, blasting Newsmax for their baseless lies levied against Carlson before promising to never appear on or contribute to the network again.

“Tucker Carlson never supported this war—he’s the most powerful anti-war voice in America, speaking for the majority of people opposed to more wars,” wrote Gonzalez on social media. “This is a pathetic statement from Newsmax and I am not going to be writing for them or going on their network in the future.”

Gonzalez then said that the majority of Americans are anti-war before stating that “the point of these attacks is to get the person with the biggest platform in America preaching foreign policy restraint kicked off the air.”

Newsmax’s first statement was apparently not enough for the network, as CEO Christopher Ruddy decided to weigh in on the matter directly as well. Ruddy reportedly gave the following statement upon being contacted about the story:

“Newsmax believes Russia has made a major transgression and this should be condemned strongly by all people. I think we are seeing for conservatives a clarity moment where Fox News’ main host is stating categorically he is siding with Putin and Russia in support of the invasion. Newsmax supports President Biden‘s efforts to stop this invasion, if anything we think he is not being strong enough. We believe there is a bipartisan consensus in opposition to this dangerous aggression.”

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