“NFAC” Militia Leader Grand Master Jay Shows His Pitiful Knowledge of Firearms

The leader of the black nationalist “Not F****** Around Coalition,” self-titled “Grand Master Jay,” (real name John Fitzgerald Johnson) demonstrates a poor knowledge of firearms in a new video of the militia leader.

The NFAC is a black militia group that actively supports secession from the United States, and has engaged in several armed protests for purposes of political intimidation. The group went viral for an armed march at Stone Mountain, Georgia, in which they hailed and hassled motorists.

Twitter user and firearms enthusiast @LouisvilleGun published the video of Grand Master Jay on Wednesday morning, in which he makes a series of false claims about an AR-15 style rifle.


First, the Grand Master makes the claim that the AR-15 rifle he’s holding is a “bullpup.” A bullpup rifle’s magazine is placed behind its trigger group in proximity to the shooter. An AR rifle is not a bullpup rifle.

Johnson calls the rifle an “XR-15 shorty,” and claims that he bought the gun in 1990 in Germany. Firearms imported from Germany aren’t unheard of in American civilian ownership, but the rifle looks much more like an American-made Colt AR rifle.

Jay then goes on to demonstrate closing the caught bolt of the rifle by applying force to the stock. But he falsely claims that such an action will fire a live round from the rifle, when in reality it’ll just place a round in the chamber. Only the trigger can fire the rifle. Johnson also says this form of negligent discharge can happen when the safety is activated.

Perhaps most strangely, the militia leader goes on to claim that recruits in basic training for the armed services accidentally kill themselves on the regular through setting off that exact form of impossible negligent discharge and shooting themselves in the head. There’s no reason to believe that has ever happened, and if it did, it would almost assuredly be a major scandal leading to scrutiny of the military’s training practices.

An armed protestor of the NFAC shot three of his own demonstrators through a negligent discharge at a recent Louisville, Kentucky event. Maybe Grand Master Jay should’ve taught him more fundamental gun safety instead of incorrectly teaching that you can fire an AR-15 merely by closing the bolt of the rifle with a loaded magazine.

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