NFL Fans Turn Against Wokeball with Over 80 Percent of Season Ticket Holders Opting Out in Green Bay

A backlash against the National Football League’s embrace of “wokeball” is beginning to develop, with over 80 percent of season ticket holders for one team opting out for the upcoming season.

Green Bay Packers team president Mark Murphy made the announcement of the fan exodus over the weekend. He blamed the COVID-19 pandemic for the formerly hardcore fans rejecting the NFL product.

“The fact that that high a percentage of our fans were not comfortable coming to games was a factor that weighed into my thinking,” Murphy said in an interview published Saturday by

Green Bay is typically the NFL’s most rabid fan-base, with a massive annual waiting list for season tickets. This is no longer the case, as football rejects the patriotism that helped build its brand over the years.

“Obviously here in Green Bay, we know how much our home games mean to the local economy and to the local community,” Murphy said. “But at the end of the day the most important thing was protecting the health and safety of our community and our fans.”

Murphy believes that the NFL will be able to hold games with fans in attendance this year. Right now, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is hosting their games in a bubble with virtually no audience due to fears regarding the spread of COVID-19.

“Daily (COVID-19) testing gives us something compared to a bubble,” Murphy said.

Since the death of serial felon drug addict George Floyd spurred an orgy of racialized violence nationwide, the NFL has capitulated to the mob and embraced the anti-white, anti-American ideology of Black Lives Matter.

Big League Politics has reported on the NFL’s plans to play the so-called “Black National Anthem” before games this season:

The National Football League is planning to play what some call the “Black National Anthem” before every Week One game during the 2020 season, a nod to dissatisfaction with the American National Anthem within the league’s player base and the broader liberal social justice movement in the United States.

The league will feature the song ‘Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing,’ playing it in a manner similar to how the Star Spangled Banner is traditionally played at games. Sources indicate that the former will be played before the latter.

NFL players will also be permitted the option of memorializing individuals who are allegedly the victims of police violence, wearing a sticker on their helmets with the names of individuals such as George Floyd.

There’s clearly a considerable demand among the player base and the mainstream media to wholly replace the American national anthem with an alternative suitably focused on racial identity politics, and it’s possible that the Star Spangled Banner could be replaced on a permanent basis with the new addition to NFL games.

As the NFL tunes away from traditionally unifying cultural practices such as the American national anthem in favor of a new racial identitarian approach, the league runs the risk of alienating much of its traditional viewer and fan base, who tire of the growing all-encompassing inclusion of social justice propaganda in every facet of American entertainment and society. However, the league’s leadership appears unconcerned, moving forward with a leftist cultural transformation of the once broadly culturally appealing football league.

The NFL may go on to become the most prominent example of the “get woke, go broke” phenomenon.

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