NICE VETO, SIR: President Trump Goes Off On Congress For Their ‘Vote Against Reality’

President Donald Trump made it clear in the Oval Office Friday that the border Wall debate is really a competition between Americans who live in reality, and congresspeople and media pundits who live in a 2-D political narrative that does not overlap with reality.

Trump vetoed Congress’ bill to block his national emergency to build the Wall. He called his emergency an “action to defend our national sovereignty and stop criminal cartels.”

Trump referred to the “Angel parents, very important people to me and to many other people…They’ve been through a lot,” who were present at the signing.

“It is definitely a national emergency,” Trump said of our border crisis. “Rarely have we had such a national emergency.”

“I have a duty to veto it,” President Trump said, saying that he is proud of most House Republicans for voting with him, and noting that numerous Republican senators also bravely stood for the Wall. Trump called Congress’ action “a vote against reality.”

“It’s an invasion,” President Trump said of the illegal immigrant crime pouring over our border, again slamming “people who aren’t living in reality.”

Attorney general William Barr said that the “National Emergencies Act directly authorizes” President Trump to make the decisive response of building the Wall, and called the border crisis “exactly the kind of emergency” that presidents must address. Barr referred to the many national emergencies already on the book — 31 were still active when Trump declared his. “What you’ve done from a legal standpoint is solidly grounded in law,” Barr stated.

A representative of the American sheriffs said the sheriffs stand with President Trump in his effort to build the Wall to secure our Country.

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