Nick Fuentes Announces He Cannot Make Florida Rally to Oppose Big Tech Because He is on a No-Fly List

Paleoconservative video blogger Nick Fuentes announced today that he will not be able to attend today’s rally against Big Tech in the state of Florida because he is on a no-fly list, presumably because of his participation in the infamous Jan. 6 rally outside of the U.S. Capitol.

“I can’t get to Florida today because they will not let me get on the plane, I am on a no fly list. I will still be streaming the press conference on AmericaFirst.Live at 3:30pm est,” Fuentes announced in a Telegram post.

Fuentes was scheduled to speak at the rally in Palm Beach with many different right-wing firebrand commentators, including Congressional candidate Laura Loomer, Hold the Line PAC founder Lauren Witzke, and best-selling author Michelle Malkin. They are demanding that the state legislature strengthen an anti-Big Tech bill pushed by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“Effective bills have three strong pillars: clear definitions, effective protections, and strong punitive enforcements. In its current draft, the bill does not address candidates who were previously banned and deplatformed prior to running for office nor does it address current elected officials who could also be deplatformed,” Loomer explained during a hearing about the legislation in March.

“Further, the bill does not appear to address penalties for telecommunication companies and internet service provider companies that similarly have been known to deplatform candidates, people, and business owners for simply having an opinion,” Loomer added.

Big League Politics has reported on a coordinated effort to paint Fuentes’ online fanbase, the Groypers, as a terror group on par with ISIS in the psychotic globalist response to Jan. 6:

Former Congressman Denver Riggleman of Virginia was booted last year from public office in disgrace for disrespecting his constituents and being a disreputable individual.

Now, he is leading the Big Brother charge to demonize constitutional rights’ supporters in the wake of the U.S. Capitol protests.

Riggleman’s organization, the Network Contagion Research Institute, released a propaganda paper blaming pro-Constitution groups such as the Oathkeepers for the display at the Capitol…

In Riggleman’s report, he lists a series of so-called “hate” groups that he believes were primarily responsible for the violence at the protests. He admitted that the list is not conclusive:

Proud Boys (White Supremacists)
Oathkeepers (Anti-government)
NSC131 (Neo-Nazi)
New Jersey European Heritage Association (White Supremacists)
Nick Fuentes and “Groyper Army” (Neo-Nazi)
American Nationalist Party (White Supremacists)
American Guard (White Supremacists)

These are the types of groups that Riggleman wants the government to target, profile and punish in a flagrant violation of the 1st Amendment. He points to random posts on social media as “evidence” to promote an Orwellian crackdown against dissidents.”

The curtailment of Fuentes’ rights shows how dissidents are being targeted as the land of the free transforms into a Soviet-style dictatorship enforced with Big Brother technology.

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