Nigel Farage Gets Attacked by Deranged Milkshake Thrower

On Monday, May 20, 2019, a disgruntled bystander at a Brexit Party campaign event in Newcastle, England threw a milkshake at Brexit architect Nigel Farage.

As of now, Farage has been the highest profile political figure to become victim of this new form of political violence.

Recent polls show that Farage’s Brexit Party is positioned to win a plurality of the UK’s 70 seats in the EU Parliament.

The Brexit Party was formed a few weeks ago and is poised to have a big showing in the EU elections. It is now well in the lead, topping the Liberal Democrat, Labour, the Green, and Conservative parties.

“Milkshaking” has become a new trend of political violence being carried out against controversial right-wing figures in the UK. The perpetrators of these acts justify them on the grounds that their victims are “fascists” or “racists”.

Activist Tommy Robinson had milkshakes thrown at him on multiple occasions throughout the month of May. Robinson has been a fierce opponent of open borders and has played an integral role in exposing the UK’s infamous no-go zones brought about by mass migration polices.

As a result, he has been attacked on all fronts, especially by Big Tech for his non-PC persona.

This latest wave of “milkshaking” compelled McDonald’s to stop selling milkshakes in Scotland after the police requested it do so when Farage came in town.

Burger King pulled the virtue signaling card by informing Scottish people that they would be selling milkshakes while Farage was present.

Raheem Kasaam, the Global Editor-in-Chief of Human Events,  argues that this wave of “milkshaking” is one of the Left’s new tactics to normalize political violence.

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