NIH Is Spending Close to $600,000 to Insert Anti-White Ideology Into Opioid Abuse Treatments

The National Institutes of Health wants to apply critical race theory principles to opioid addiction treatments.

The University of Washington is commissioning a study, “Applying Critical Race Theory to investigate the impact of COVID-19-related policy changes on racial/ethnic disparities in medication treatment for opioid use disorder,” with the aim of informing “future policy and interventions to improve equitable care for [Opioid Use Disorder],” per the proposal.

The study is expected to conclude in 2027. The NIH set aside $558,942 for the research project.

The project is spearheaded by Emily Williams, a health professor at UW. Per her faculty biography, she is an “addictions health services and disparities researcher and an implementation scientist.” Assistant Professor Jessica Ann Chen, a clinical psychologist, is assisting Williams with the study.

Buprenorphine is a commonly used  prescription drug used to combat opioid addictions. However, the researchers in this study argued that it is less accessible to black and Hispanic patients than white patients.

The study’s abstract also lists out certain policy changes to guarantee  “increased flexibility” for the prescription of medications used for treating opioid addictions, such as buprenorphine. The abstract also noted that there is an opportunity to study the influence of reduced restriction on opioid addiction medication for non-whites.

“These policies may reduce existing disparities by lowering care barriers but could exacerbate disparities if they are not equally beneficial across groups,” the abstract highlighted. “COVID-19-related policy changes present an unprecedented opportunity to examine impacts of a structural intervention—relaxed MOUD restrictions—on disparities generated by structural racism and discrimination.”

Mixing anti-white race theories with medicine and other professional fields is a recipe for disaster. This applies to other facets of human activity as well. 

The harsh reality is that opioid addictions are no joke. The influx of opioids into the US is the equivalent of a WMD hitting the American mainland. The last thing we need is to add kooky race theories into the way we handle medical questions.

Hopefully, rational minds chase out the lunatics who are inserting these pernicious theories into the medical space. 

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