Nikki Haley is Raising MAJOR CASH to Position Herself for a Potential 2024 Run

On Tuesday, February 18, 2020, Nikki Haley is headlining a fundraiser for Bill Hagerty, the favored successor to retiring Tennessee Republican Senator Lamar Alexander.

This move is fueling speculation about Haley’s potential presidential run in the 2024 elections.

The former South Carolina governor and President Donald Trump’s first ambassador to the United Nations is yet again putting herself in the spotlight as part of a broader plan to prepare herself for 2024.

Tennessee is a solid red state and the former ambassador to Japan, Haggerty, should be expected to win.

The Hagerty campaign held a drawing that offered two grassroots supporters tickets to the fundraiser for the opportunity to meet Haley.

“Team Hagerty is excited to have Ambassador Nikki Haley with us in Tennessee next week, and we are so grateful she stands with us in our fight to protect the conservative values of Tennesseans,” campaign manager Michael Sullivan announced in a statement.

Hagerty, recently received an endorsement from Trump, and is expected to coast to victory in November.

Haley did not support Trump at the beginning of his 2016 campaign, and instead endorsed Florida Senator Marco Rubio during the Republican primary.

After Trump’s election, he appointed Haley as U.N. ambassador. Haley has generally put on a pro-Trump act since leaving her U.N. position. It is up for debate if her pro-Trump rhetoric is genuine in nature.

Following her departure from the Trump administration, Haley started Stand For America. The political nonprofit group serves the dual purpose of keeping Haley in the public eye and adding fuel to her speculated 2024 run.

Haley serves on the Board of Boeing and maintains conventional neoconservative views on foreign policy.


Her winning in 2024 would likely bring back Bush-era neocon foreign policy.

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