Nikki Haley Supports Hand-Picked RINO Over Trump’s Choice in U.S. Senate Race for Georgia

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has chosen Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who was hand-picked by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp for the position, as her preferred candidate over the man who Trump wanted in the position, Rep. Doug Collins.

“Hi Georgia friends, it’s Nikki Haley and I am coming to Atlanta on Monday with a super exciting announcement. I hope you’ll stay tuned — I look forward to seeing you soon. Take care,” Haley said in a video she posted on Twitter, alluding to her endorsement of Loeffler.

Haley hopes that her endorsement can help Loeffler overtake Collins in the polls. He is currently polling at 21 percent, according to a poll conducted by University of Georgia’s School of Public and International Affairs. Loeffler is polling at 19 percent, and Democrat Matt Lieberman, son of former Sen. Joe Lieberman, is polling at 11 percent, with a third of voters still undecided.

There will be no Republican primary election between Collins and Loeffler, and there will instead be a “jungle” election in November that will ultimately determine the next Senator. The seat became free after former Sen. Johnny Isakson was forced to abdicate his position last year unexpectedly due to health issues.

Loeffler’s past as an abortion-supporting RINO who raised money for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential run but kept her pocketbook closed when Donald Trump ran for president in 2016 has been well-documented by Big League Politics:

Second Amendment Daily has reported that Loeffler has donated to many gun-grabbing Democrats in the past. They noted that she donated $2,000 to Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, and another $2,000 to former Sen. Chris Dowd of Connecticut. She also gave $500 to Congressman Bob Etheridge of North Carolina.

Loeffler has also given significant donations to Democrats within her home state of Georgia. She gave $2,000 to former Sen. Tom Harkin, and another $2,000 donation to Congressman David Scott. She sent a donation of $1,000 to former Congressman Jim Marshall, and an additional $500 to former Congressman John Barrow. Her donations have helped to keep these Democrats in power in Georgia throughout the years, and now she will be rewarded by Republicans with a Senate seat.

To establish herself as a power player in the GOP, Loeffler donated $750,000 to a pro-Mitt Romney Super PAC in 2012. She serves as co-owner of the Atlanta Dream, a franchise for the massively unpopular and unprofitable Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) that serves as little more than a welfare program for lesbianic thugs.

The WNBA is explicitly in favor of murdering children in the womb, and they have partnered with abortion providers to oppose President Donald Trump’s support of the pro-life agenda. Their 2018 “Take A Seat, Take A Stand” program funneled money into the coffers of Planned Parenthood and other anti-Christian special interest groups…

Loeffler also sits on the board of the Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, which is the state’s leading abortion provider. Pro-life organizations are urging Kemp to deny Loeffler the appointment because of her prominent role in facilitating abortions throughout Georgia.

“We’re past the point of ever being willing to accept sort of a passive argument for someone’s pro-life advocacy or pro-life position,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony’s List. “All we’ve seen is evidence of her leadership positions and what she’s failed to do with them.”

Georgia voters will have the chance to boot this Haley-endorsed RINO and put President Trump’s choice, Collins, into office in November.

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