Nine House Republicans Vote for Amnesty Bills for Over Five Million Illegals

Nine House Republicans voted in support of a Democrat amnesty bill that passed the House on Thursday, embracing President Joe Biden’s support of open borders and America Last immigration policies.

The American Dream and Promise Act of 2021 was one of two amnesty bills to pass the House on Thursday. The law provides amnesty with a path to citizenship to every illegal alien who is eligible to sign up under President Barack Obama’s preexisting executive DACA amnesty, regardless of whether they enrolled for the program or not.

Ten Republicans also supported a cheap labor amnesty bill that would legalize millions of aliens working in the seasonal agricultural industry.

The Republicans that voted for the amnesty include Mario Diaz-Balart (FL), Carlos Gimenez (FL), Chris Smith (NJ), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Fred Upton (MI), David Valadao (CA), Dan Newhouse (WA), Maria Salazar (FL), and Don Bacon (NE).

Senator Rick Scott of Florida has been a leading Republican proponent of selling out President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ immigration policy and ramming through a DACA amnesty, marketing legislation which would legalize millions to other Senate Republicans.

It’s unclear if the DACA amnesty will be a priority to the 50/50 Senate, with even one Democrat Senator dismissing amnesty proposals in the midst of the coronavirus recession. Democrats were already forced to eschew even more radical plans to provide amnesty for every illegal in the country, with no chance of such a mass amnesty passing with 60 votes in the upper chamber.

With Democrats and corporate-backed Republicans rushing to legalize as many illegal aliens as possible, a crisis is unfolding at the southern border, with record-setting infiltration of the unsecure border by migrants led to believe they’ll be granted citizenship, welfare and residency in line with Biden’s globalist immigration promises.

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