Nine Injured in Truck Attack by Syrian Migrant in Germany

Nine have been injured in a likely terrorist attack in Limburg, Germany, on Monday night, in which a man drove into traffic at stop light. The suspect utilized a stolen Mercedes truck, that he appears to have car-jacked moments before, pulling out its driver at another red light.

The attacker has been revealed to be a Syrian migrant in his 30’s. Eyewitness describe the man as saying the word “Allah” over and over again and speaking other Arabic phrases.

The incident is now being treated as an act of terrorism by German authorities. Sources indicate the truck thief and attacker was known by authorities to have a “terrorist background.”

Sources indicate eight vehicles were injured and debris from damaged cars was spread throughout the road where the attack took place.

It’s fortunate the terrorist didn’t plough the stolen truck into any pedestrians, who would’ve been more vulnerable than motorists sitting in vehicles. ISIS sympathizers have utilized trucks for terrorists attacks in Europe before, most prominently murdering 87 people in 2016 in the French city of Nice.

Angela Merkel’s Germany went above and beyond in opening its borders to migrants from war-torn Syria, taking in almost two million asylum seekers in 2015 alone. Merkel’s pro-migration policies led to a backlash from the German people and a rise of new populist parties such as the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Islamic terrorist attacks had previously been almost unheard of in countries such as Germany or France. Now, even years after the initial surge of mass migration to these countries, they seem to have become a frequent occurrence.


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