No Compromise Gun Organization Vows to Provide Legal Aid to Patriot Kyle Rittenhouse

While many gun owners are frantically waiting for a pro-Second Amendment organization to step up and defend seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who was arrested and charged with murder on August 26, 2020 for shooting and killing two people, the National Association for Gun Rights has stepped up to legally defend the young man.

Dudley Brown, the President of the National Association for Gun Rights, revealed on Facebook his organization’s move to come to the young man’s defense.

He posted, “If you are concerned that young Kyle Rittenhouse is going to get shafted for using a firearm in self defense……NAGR”s legal foundation, the National Foundation for Gun Rights, is working with a law firm to represent Rittenhouse. Standby for BIG news on that front.”

BLP reached out to Brown for comment. He stated the following:

By all accounts, Kyle Rittenhouse showed up to the Wisconsin riots to help police keep the peace. Every attorney I have talked with says Rittenhouse practiced legal self defense, which is why our Foundation — the National Foundation for Gun Rights — is stepping in to aid in his defense.

According to a report from, Rittenhouse is from Antioch, Illinois and was allegedly carrying an AR-15 with him on August 25 during the riots in Kenosha.

He reportedly “crossed state lines to stand guard outside businesses during unrest stemming from the… [August 23, 2020] police shooting of Jacob Blake.”

Rittenhouse shot three people that night, with two of them dying due to their gunshot wounds. The young man was present attempting to defend people’s property from looters and leftist agitators.

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