No Compromise Second Amendment Organization Challenges the ATF’s New Proposals to Harm Lawful Gun Owners

The ATF wants to harass Americans who build firearms at home for personal use.

On May 7, 2021, the National Association for Gun Rights issued a press release attacking the ATF’s latest proposal to regulate the building of firearms at home for personal use.

If this ATF rule were to be implemented, NAGR argued that it “would impose new federal firearms restrictions, background checks, and fees on law-abiding citizens who engage in the centuries old tradition of building firearms at home for personal use.”

“This rule is a slap in the face to the millions of law-abiding Americans who have built their own firearms at home. It’s a nonsense ‘feel good’ rule that only burdens good people but does nothing to stop violent criminals and gangsters from obtaining guns,” declared Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights.

After gun rights activists spent weeks speculating about what the ATF would end up do in response, the ATF outlined its proposal on May 7. Now the public has 90 days to offer their criticism of the rule via the ATF website.

 “This is just one more pathetic gun control ploy from Joe Biden as he bows down to the Gun Control Lobby and their unlawful schemes to destroy the Second Amendment,” Brown stated. 

NAGR highlighted one previous instance of the ATF’s attempts to harass gun owners via bureaucratic fiat:

In December, the ATF pitifully attempted to catch gun rights supporters off guard when they when tried to impose severe new regulations on pistol braces over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Now the ATF is trying to follow through with its plans to sidestep the legislative process and impose Gun Control Inc.’s policy preferences without any form of democratic input.

“We alerted our members and collected thousands of petitions before the ATF abruptly called off their unconstitutional attack on our right to keep and bear arms just two days before Christmas,” said Brown “We are ready to fight this new gun grab all the way.”

The ATF represents an existential threat to the Second Amendment through its arbitrary actions and lack of democratic accountability.

Gun owners must obviously oppose the ATF’s actions and make a major stink about its behavior. More importantly, it will perhaps be necessary for states to nullify the ATF’s unconstitutional edicts to demonstrate to DC that gun owners will not comply with the ATF’s arbitrary regulation