“No Culture, No Future:” French Actress Strips Naked at Award Show to Protest COVID-19 Lockdowns

A French actress stripped naked at an awards show on Friday to protest the COVID-19 lockdowns inflicted upon the public by governments, objecting in particular to the closure of movie theaters, music venues, and places of culture.

Sterile government officials and globalist megaoligarchs such as Bill Gates have generally declined to consider the cultural impact of ceaseless COVID lockdowns and mask mandates, viewing pursuits such as live music as trivialities of the masses to be cast in the garbage for the sake of “health.”

Corinne Masiero was invited on stage at the Cesar Awards(an event akin to America’s Oscars) to present the award for best costuming in French film and media. She walked on stage in a fake blood-stained donkey costume, going on to explain that she would’ve worn something more appropriate if it were deemed “essential,” in a clear dig at French President Emmanuel Macron’s slight of the arts in France through COVID lockdowns.

Masiero’s back was painted with the phrase “no culture, no future,” in a possible dig at the uniformity of American-style cultural liberalism and left-wing identity politics.


The stunt was mostly applauded by the audience, who appeared in agreement with Masiero’s statement against COVID-induced erosion of the arts and culture in France.

French screenwriter Stephane Demoustier later went on to object to the continuing closure of movie theaters in the same awards show. As American liberal “celebrities” bow before Anthony Fauci and demand craven obedience to a medicalized “safe” vision of society, their French competitors appear much more inclined to fight for authentic self-expression.

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