NO EXCUSE NOW: Nancy Pelosi Wins Speaker, But Is Still Losing ‘Let’s Make A Deal’

President Donald Trump gained even more collateral over Nancy Pelosi after the 78-year old Californian won her speakership election Thursday. Pelosi is still holding out on the $5 billion that Art of the Deal author President Donald Trump is demanding for his Wall, prompting a government shutdown that has reached thirteen days (but it hasn’t exactly been as dramatic as the Cuban Missile Crisis). Pelosi’s fatuous bills that don’t fund the Wall have no chance of being introduced in the Senate, according to Mitch McConnell’s spokesman.

Pelosi has no excuse now for holding out: she can no longer pitch the narrative that she is just trying to protect her position. So now, her opposition to the Wall very clearly stems from the place it has always stemmed from: the fact that she has no power in the globalist system and the progressive billionaires dictate her agenda.

How’s that for a talking point?

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