‘No Justice, No Pride’: Antifa Calls For DC LGBTQ Celebration To Be ‘Held Hostage’

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In the latest display of the left eating each other, antifa groups are now calling for the Capital Pride celebration to be “held hostage.”

The disruption — being organized by No Justice No Pride (NJNP), GetEqual, ResistThis, and various members of antifa — calls for the celebratory event to be shut down if the organizers refuse to cave to the ragtag group’s demands.

“Once again, Capital Pride has demonstrated that it is fundamentally unwilling to address its role in perpetuating systems of oppression that harm the communities it claims to represent,” Emmelia Talarico, one of the lead organizers of NJNP and ResistThis said in a press release. “Negotiation is clearly not working. It is time to escalate and create the Pride we want to see — one free of corporate sponsorship that does not collaborate with law enforcement, and is spearheaded by the most marginalized in our communities.”

In the joint press release, the group claimed that they would hold their own separate event — yet on Twitter, members of the groups have been openly calling for more severe measures. An event page for the protest promises that there will be various actions to disrupt the celebration.

The terroristic and petulant sounding demands include that police be uninvited and unwelcome, that corporate funding be pulled, and that the celebration be rebranded as a protest.

Lucian Wintrich, the gay conservative White House correspondent for the Gateway Pundit was disgusted by the news.

“I think that it’s not only disgusting, but it shows the true colors of antifa — for them to say that an organization like the police should be kept out of Pride — not only are lots of police gay, but it’s been the police who have been protecting the gay community in recent decades,” Wintrich told Big League Politics.

Wintrich noted that when you have “groups saying join us or else, they become more of a terrorist organization.”

“There was an incident where a gay police officer was killed by ISIS terrorists in Paris in April. There are not just many gay police officers, but many that are also fighting for their own safety in this community,” Wintrich added. “Far left terrorist organizations continue to attempt to marginalize people — certain people such as police and corporations that have been supporting them — into enemies.”


Other members of the DC gay community have noted that throwing the massive Pride event isn’t cheap and the protest groups don’t contribute anything — yet they are trying to call the shots.

“The cost of Capital Pride runs into seven figures. How much skin does NJNP have in the game that they can dictate to us?”  Richard J. Rosendall, one of this year’s Capital Pride Heroes, wrote in a piece on the protest threats for the Washington Blade.

One of the most vocal organizers of the protest againt the LGBTQ community, a DC-based antifa leader named Lacy MacAuley.

MacAuley made headlines earlier this week after a blog post was discovered where she admitted that her Muslim boyfriend had beaten and raped her while she was in Turkey. She does not blame the Islamic culture for her abuse, and continues her extreme open borders activism.


In many circles of the left, it has become very clear that the only priorities are protecting their current pet causes of illegal aliens and Islam — even when that means throwing women or the LGBTQ community under the bus.

“It isn’t the far right that is threatening to shut down pride — it’s groups like antifa and Black Lives Matter who have shut down multiple pride events,” Wintrich told BLP. “For us to support these organizations because we are supposed to be liberal goes against the freedom that we should be standing for.”

On April 3, militant leftist groups shut down the Pride parade in Phoenix, Arizona, to protest immigration laws. The group who blocked the parade route unfurled a large banner that also read “No Justice, No Pride.”

In 2015, Black Lives Matter shut down the Chicago Pride event.

In July 2016, less than a month after the deadly Pulse massacre in which an Islamic terrorist shot and killed 49 people in an LGBTQ nightclub, Black Lives Matter shut down a Pride parade in Toronto. The protesters provided the hard working organizers of the event with a set of demands including that they stop working with police and that they prioritize funding black focused organizations.

“The chutzpah here is contemptible. Gay groups honored Black Lives Matter with prominent roles at their pride events, and Black Lives Matter returned the favor by hijacking those events to further their own anti-cop agendas,” the LA Times wrote of the disruption. “Condemning the police as an inherently racist, homophobic institution is not only false and counterproductive, it denigrates the many LGBT officers whose participation in these festivities would be annulled if the activists got their way.”

Perhaps most disturbing of all, however, was when protesters stole the show during the weekend of the first Orlando Pride event since the Pulse massacre. Instead of the event being all about the victims of Pulse — and the still mourning community — the evening before the big parade was hijacked and became a protest against Donald Trump.

“I’d prefer we leave this election out of it,” Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan told The Advocate prior to the event in November. “We have enough with Pulse and honoring our victims.”


Never mind the fact that President Donald Trump was the one campaigning to stop the spread of Islamic extremists who want to see the our LGBTQ citizens dead. That wouldn’t fit their political agenda.


You know who else would also want to shut down LGBTQ events along with antifa? ISIS.

They already have the same dress code.

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