NO THANKS: ‘Uterus-Shaped’ Cereal Launches To ‘Normalize’ Period Talk

In today’s craziest PR stunt – Feminine care brand Intimina just launched a new ‘uterus-shaped’ cereal in hopes of normalizing conversations about periods at the breakfast table. 

The raspberry-flavored ‘Period Crunch’ was born because the Swedish company claims that talking about menstruation is not “truly normalized.” Arguing that “’periods are normal and talking about periods should be normal.”

Apparently breakfast food is the best way to trojan house that message into the home.

In an attempt to “make a statement” about the issue, the wheat-based cereal resembles the entire female reproductive system, and is dyed red to mimic the color of blood. 

Though the cereal will never be sold in stores, Intimina says that those interested can simply contact the company to receive their free box. Which is illustrated with a diagram of the female reproductive system in bright purples, reds, and pinks.

Here’s the PR pitch according to Intimina’s Danela Zagar:

“Because of the ongoing stigma around menstruation, period conversations remain difficult and embarrassing for people, even with loved ones.”

She added, “there’s no more normal and everyday a scene than the whole household sitting down together at the kitchen table and talking over a meal.”

“And if period conversations were truly normalised,” Zagar continued. “Then they wouldn’t be off this table — or off any table for that matter.”

Again, this whole launch is a publicity stunt. But the company says that it is determined to educate children into talking about their time of the month with family members. 

Twitter users (perhaps expectedly) have mocked the company online, with one user saying what most people are probably thinking: “There isn’t a person in the world who wants to talk about vaginal bleeding while chowing down on uterus-shaped cereal.”

Another user pointed out that “not everything has to be normalized.” While someone else said “‘Liberalism’ has gone too far in the west.”

Some people on the other hand, like Dr. Shree Datta, a gynecologist at King’s College Hospital, sided with the company and it’s efforts, saying: ‘I’m delighted Intimina has taken the bull by the horns and developed Period Crunch to help raise awareness of the ongoing social stigma around periods.”

She continued: “Periods are a natural part of who we are, so it’s deeply concerning to hear that so many people remain uncomfortable discussing them, when they are just another part of our health.”

Of course, nothing about red-milk-meant-to-imitate blood is appealing. Hence why boxes of this menstrual obsessed cereal will never see the shelves of a grocery store.

Ask yourself: Who in their right mind asked for this?

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