Nobel Prize Winning Professor Explains How ‘Scientists Have Failed’ Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic

University of Stanford structural biology professor Michael Levitt is one of the few academics who has demonstrated the courage to call out COVID-19 hysteria from the start, and he is blasting the scientific community for continuing to fail the public.

“People are insisting on refereed reports. No one wants to share anything. The scientists are more panicked and scared of the reality than anybody else,” Levitt said.

“The august organizations, like Lindau, the Royal Society, the National Academy of Science, have been totally silent. I am really disappointed. This has got nothing to do with politics. As a group, scientists have failed the younger generation,” he added.

Levitt is frustrated by the lack of inquiry that has taken place within the scientific community regarding COVID-19, and how the fear propaganda was pushed unanimously at the behest of institutional power.

“There should have been a committee formed…in the middle of February when this was coming down the road, and we should have discussed this. Instead, we let economics and politics dedicate the science, and, for me, the worst opposition I got was from very, very prominent scientists who were so scared that the non-scientists would break quarantine and infect them,” he said.

“It was total panic, and the fact is that all the science we were hearing, for example, from organizations like the World Health Organization, was wrong… This has been a disgraceful situation for science,” Levitt added.

Levitt’s early predictions that COVID-19 would likely be little more than a bad strain of the flu have come to pass. For telling the truth and refusing to capitulate to mass hysteria, he was abused by his critics, who still refuse to give him the credit he deserves for being right all along.

“So, I think if he had, initially, just a few scientists talking to each other on Zoom, not about the opinions but about the data. What is the population infection ratio? What is the severity? Does this thing grow exponentially? There were some very, very simple questions, and it’s true that the epidemiologists were always saying that we’re not epidemiologists, but the fact is that viral cases and deaths follow a time trajectory, and I think physicists and theoretical chemists, who understand trajectories, are way better qualified,” he explained.

“You know, the level of stupidity that’s been going on here has been amazing… Even in many places, the politics has infected the scientists, certainly in the USA,” Levitt added.

Levitt’s remarks can be viewed here:

Big League Politics has reported on how COVID-19 fear is being used for a massive vaccine push as well as the normalization of Orwellian technologies in day-to-day life. Perhaps this cabal of scientists was not stupid after all, sensing that the coronavirus pandemic could be exploited in order to circumvent the rule of law and push society close to technocracy.

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