Non-Whites Commit 96.1 Percent of Homicides and 97.8 Percent of Shootings in New York City Throughout 2021

The New York Police Department crime report for 2021 has been released, and the findings are shocking regarding violent crime committed by minorities.

An analysis of the numbers shows that 96.1 percent of homicide suspects arrested in New York City were either black, Hispanic or Asian. Additionally, 93.8 percent of robbery suspects were non-whites, 94.9 percent of rape suspects arrested were not white, and 97.8 percent of shooting suspects arrested in 2021 were non-whites.

The full Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City report can be accessed here. In America following the Black Lives Matter revolution, this should be considered a new normal of sorts, with criminals being empowered and the law-abiding put on notice by the anti-civilizational mob.

Big League Politics has reported on shocking instances that demonstrate New York City is abdicating the rule of law and replacing it with the rule of the jungle:

37-year-old Frank Abrokwa is back on the New York City streets shortly after being caught on video smearing feces over a woman’s face on the city’s vile subway system.

Just one week prior to the feces attack, Abrokwa had been charged with threatening a hardware store employee with a screwdriver. Other recent crimes include a string of alleged bus and subway attacks.

Because of criminal justice reform in New York City, Abrokwa has been able to walk without posting any bail and continue his pattern of behavior unabated. Most recently, he was taken in on charges of threatening to murder a Jewish man last September. This time, he was given supervised release.

NYPD police union head Pat Lynch is blaming these far-left laws for allowing thugs like Abrokwa to roam the streets.

“New Yorkers are beyond disgusted,” Lynch said. “They want to know why a person like this is out on our streets and subway, but they’re not getting a straight answer … Our fundamental problem is a political culture devoted to doing and saying the bare minimum.”

“There’s no law in this city,” Menachem Minkowitz, Abrokwa’s alleged Jewish victim, said to the New York Daily News. “I’m glad he’s caught. I feel terrible for that woman. I’m very disappointed with how the city is handling these situations.”

… Abrokwa is one of thousands of thugs who are being empowered due to the Black Lives Matter revolution. This is a movement that will destroy civilization if it is not snuffed out.”
This is the new America that is now under the occupation of diversity. It will get much worse before people wake up, if they ever do, and reject this system of anarcho-tyranny being rolled out by the globalists.

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