Non-Whites Occupy 20% of Corporate Board Seats 

Per a new study by ISS Corporate Solutions Inc, racial and ethnic minorities occupy 20% of board seats at the United States’ largest public companies — a record first. 

The analytics firm found that blacks have seen some of the most notable improvements in this regard. Black directs currently occupy 8.3% of all board seats, which is a significant increase from 4.4% four years ago. 

“Though their proportional numbers remain behind those of the U.S. population as a whole, these figures nevertheless represent a watershed moment for minority corporate directors broadly and Black directors in particular,” stated Marija Kramer, the head of ICS.

The study analyzed boards of the largest 3,000 American businesses from January 1, 2019 through January 1, 2023. 

Asian directors held 7.2% of board seats, Hispanic directors held 3.6%, per ICS. Directors of Middle Eastern or North African descent in addition to Native American, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian directors each occupied less than 1% of board seats. 

In the time period that the poll studied, the number of board seats occupied by white directors decreased by 9%. Currently, whites occupy 79.9% of all directorships at the companies polled in the analysis.

The diversification taking place in corporate America is part of the woke agenda elites are pursuing to undermine the Historic American Nation. The US is a nation that is known for its meritocratic principles. However, with efforts to pursue diversity and equity, the US is descending into social chaos now that a de facto racial spoils system is being promoted by both the private and public sector. 

If the US wants to ease racial tensions it must disengage from woke practices and revert back to its meritocratic practices, where individuals’ competencies not racial or sexual backgrounds are what determines how they should be rewarded in the corporate world.

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