‘Nonbinary’ Student Files Lawsuit Against Public School Because of Improper Pronoun Usage

A 15-year-old student and their mother are filing a lawsuit in federal court alleging that a school district discriminated against them for not using their preferred pronouns during counseling services.

They filed the lawsuit against Bethlehem Area School District and Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 in Easton, Penn. The lawsuit also names Randy Alan Herzon, who works at IU 20 as a licensed counselor, and James McDonald, who works as the director of behavioral health services at IU 20 and is a licensed social worker.

The 15-year-old student, who claims they are “non-binary,” alleges in the lawsuit that they were “repeatedly tormented and abused” because of wrong pronoun usage. Because the student identifies as “non-binary,” this means their gender can change on any given day. The student’s identity is not named in the lawsuit, and they are referred to only as “Roe.” The lawsuit blames the student’s gender dysphoria, the mental illness underlying transgenderism, for worsening because of abuse by faculty officials.

“Defendants actually exacerbated Roe’s gender dysphoria, and caused Roe severe regression and severe emotional distress, on account of defendants’ discriminatory and harassing conduct,” the lawsuit states. “Roe felt humiliated and worthless.”

Solicitor John Freund, who represents Bethlehem Area and IU 20, denies the claims made in the lawsuit. He says that an internal investigation found no evidence of any “insensitivity” that occurred toward the student and believes the law does not cover so-called discrimination toward nonbinary individuals.

“We found no evidence that this student who identifies as nonbinary/trans was disrespected in anyway,” Freund said in a statement. “Moreover, the law does not appear to have evolved to the point where discrimination based on gender orientation itself creates a viable cause of action.”

The student claims the trauma comes from being referred to as “she” and “her,” rather than “they” and “their.” When faculty allegedly refused to comply with the student’s bizarre request, that is what caused the trauma and anguish.

The lawsuit alleges that guidance counselor Herzon refused to call the student by these pronouns because he was “from a generation that does not believe in these pronouns” and considered it an affront to the English language. He also allegedly told the student and his mother that the student was “making a choice which is against the norms of society.”

“Roe suffered emotional distress and began crying visibly during the meeting on their birthday,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit aims to force the school district into mandating faculty members to harbor the delusions of mentally ill individuals and creeps within the LGBT community, all in the name of tolerance and diversity.

“Defendants acted maliciously, intentionally, and/or recklessly as defendants know that bullying an LGBT person can lead to the person’s suicide,” the lawsuit states.

Although the student is enrolled at the Northampton Area School District, they received counseling services through the Colonial Intermediate Unit at Freedom High. Bethlehem Area is named in the lawsuit because they allegedly “failed to provide prompt and appropriate action to prevent, correct and remedy the discrimination and harassment.”

The LGBT agenda is out of control, and frivolous lawsuits are just one tool activists use to keep sanity out of the public square.

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