Nonprofit Research Team Says More Than 100,000 Georgia Drop Box Ballots From 2020 Have No Proper Chain of Custody Forms

Research conducted by the nonprofit nonpartisan group Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia, also known as VoterGA, discovered that more than 100,000 dropbox ballots in the state of Georgia are missing their proper chain of custody documentation. And the group is planning a push of targeted litigation to get more data from the government and to reform the system before future elections can be tainted. This development further discredits the 2020 election in Georgia, where a fraudulent work stoppage based on a supposed water leak at State Farm Arena led to Fulton County poll workers secretly counting ballots late at night on election night into the wee morning hours, with poll worker Ruby Freeman caught on tape counting from a suitcase filled with ballots that she had hidden.

“Our lobbying, litigation, research and outreach efforts are stronger now than ever. We plan litigation to hold the state accountable for the destruction of ballot images and counties accountable for failing to comply with our Open Records Requests. Our research team found that there are over 100,000 drop box ballots from the November election results that do not have proper chain of custody forms. It will take more litigation resources to hold the counties or state accountable. We are organizing a legislative team to lobby aggressively for an audit in the upcoming session and will continue to coordinate an effort to pressure the Governor and other candidates. We will also continue critical efforts to ban the Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 system as we continue to discover more severe problems that have not yet been revealed. In closing, we must carry out all of these efforts because we cannot have a secure 2022 election if we can’t acknowledge and correct the 2020 election problems,” stated VoterGA’s Garland Favorito in a letter to his supporters obtained by Big League Politics.

Favorito also stated that “70 counties are unable to provide original ballot images for the Nov. 2020 election. We also found that the former State Elections Director and a State Election Board (SEB) rule authorized destruction of images in violation of federal and state law that requires them to be retained for about two years.” Favorito said that in Fulton County his group analyzed ballot images and found “a 60% audit batch error rate, 7 falsified tally sheets with 850 to 0 Biden votes, 4,000 duplicate reported ballots and 200+ duplicate scans.”

VoterGA, a citizen election integrity group, has filed a complaint to ban the Dominion Voting Machines’ Democracy Suite 5.5 voting system in the state of Georgia, and on Wednesday December 15 that complaint had a formal motions hearing. VoterGA has sued the state of Georgia. The state of Georgia has retained Georgia assistant attorney general Charlene Swartz, also known as Charlene Swartz McGowan, as its lawyer. The motions hearing took place virtually via Zoom courtesy of Fulton County Superior Court at 11 AM on December 15, 2021.

“A complaint filed by VoterGA and Rep. Philip Singleton against the state of Georgia to ban the Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 System will have a motions hearing,” stated VoterGA prior to the hearing, adding, “The U.S. District Court has already ruled that the voting system does not comply with Georgia laws.”

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