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North Carolina Cops Threaten and Arrest ‘Non-Essential’ Protesters for Unauthorized Free Speech

It doesn’t get much more unconstitutional than this.



The “Reopen North Carolina” protests on Tuesday in Raleigh, N.C. were broken up by police who threatened attendees and arrested at least one protester.

“The #ReopenNC protest that occurred in Downtown Raleigh today has been cleared. We explained to the protesters that at this time, they are not allowed to protest. It is a non-essential activity and violates the Governor’s Executive Order,” the Raleigh Police Department announced on their Facebook page. They posted a video of law enforcement informing protesters that their 1st Amendment rights are now null and void because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“There was one arrest made by the State Capitol Police,” Raleigh police added.

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Dozens of patriotic protesters assembled at the State Capitol in Raleigh on Tuesday to express their rage with a shut-down order issued by Democrat Governor Roy Cooper on March 27. The order was meant to extend for 30 days, but protesters believe it should be ended now before more damage is done to the economy.

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“I am so proud of us,” said Ashley Smith, a Boone business owner who co-founded the ‘ReopenNC’ Facebook group. “We will continue to work day and night until our governor opens up for business.”

The Facebook group grew quickly as North Carolina residents congregated on the digital public square to schedule a rally on behalf of their lost freedom and prosperity.

The police made it known that this type of peaceful organizing is no longer permitted, as the coronavirus emergency has effectively turned the Constitution into toilet paper nationwide.

“If you fail to leave, if you do not disperse, you will be subject to a physical arrest and taken to the jail,” an officer told the crowd on his bullhorn.

WRAL reports that Monica Faith Ussery, a 51-year-old Holly Springs resident, was the protester who was arrested. She is facing a misdemeanor charge of violating an executive order because she stood for her basic rights.

“I have a right to peacefully assemble,” Ussery said before she was taken away by law enforcement with her hands restrained in a zip tie.

Smith, who is one of the lead rally organizers, believes this type of behavior by law enforcement at the behest of the governor is clear overreach.

“We have God-given rights that are infringed upon right now, as we speak, every day that this state remains closed,” she said.

“The economic disaster that’s going to happen if they make us stay home over and over is going to be worse than any COVID-19 problems that we’ve had,” rally attendee David Engstrom said.

“People feel like their freedoms and their rights are being infringed upon, and their businesses are suffering,” Smith said. “I think the risk does not merit the measures that we’re taking to prevent it.”

“I believe that North Carolinians are intelligent enough to make their own decisions on social distancing and their own health care choices,” she added.

Despite the arrests and the push back from police who refuse to honor their oath to the Constitution, Smith vows to return every Tuesday with her merry band of protesters in firm opposition of Gov. Cooper’s executive tyranny.

Free Speech

EXCLUSIVE: Young Man Harassed by Black Lives Matter for Holding ‘Racism Does Not Exist’ Sign Speaks Out

Justin Nolan is not afraid to stand strong against the mob.



Justin Nolan, 25, has gone viral over social media after carrying a sign proclaiming that ‘Racism Does Not Exist’ and a shirt celebrating White History Month at a contentious rally in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend.

Independent journalist Ford Fischer published video of the protest on Saturday.

Nolan spoke to Big League Politics about what he was trying to accomplish with his stand and how he is holding up under the fire of the digital lynch mob.

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  • RIOTS: Who do you blame for the violence on America's streets?

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“I want to get the truth out there. I want to wake people up from their conditioning, the spell that the word “racism” has put them under. That it’s fake, and that they have been lied to and made to hate,” Nolan told Big League Politics.

“I’ve received hundreds of threats, but none of them are very credible. Many have threatened to beat me up or kill me, but they aren’t near me. They’ve tried to fire me, publish my address and phone number, every single trick in the book to harass and put me in fear. By the grace of God, none of it has worked. I’m still here and I’m not backing down,” he added.

At the actual event, Nolan said that the majority of responses to his sign and his shirt were positive, showing that ordinary Americans are growing sick and tired of the media’s racial division strategy. He only received hate from Black Lives Matter (BLM) extremists at the protest.

“I had multiple people actually appreciate my sign and agree, including an old black woman. There were others who were confused but curious, and asked me questions about it. There were a few who told me it was too bold, that it would send the wrong message. But nobody on the right ever threatened me, or got angry, like the BLM crowd on the street did,” Nolan said.

Nolan explained exactly what he meant by his assertion that “racism does not exist,” a notion that is considered heresy in the modern political landscape dominated by cultural marxism.

“Our battle is spiritual, not physical, and that spirit of hate is the same no matter who the target is or why. But words like racism hide that, by pointing people towards the physical, such as skin color, rather than what lies within. As a result, the “anti-racists” end up falling for the same hatred, because they do not see it, and become just as evil as the people they oppose,” he said.

“The Klansmen who burned crosses in people’s yards held the same hate as the BLM rioters burning down buildings hold today. It is the same spirit. But because they are obsessed with the word racism, they think they are justified and righteous, and they are blind to the hate within themselves. Instead of fighting hate, they only breed more,” Nolan continued.

“The people who obsess over the word “racism” end up falling victim to lies. Like a virus, it infects their minds and makes them see racism everywhere, and blame racism for everything. Any sort of disparity or difference, any sort of inconvenience, any sort of problem, is blamed on racism, rather than the real root causes. As a result, nothing ever gets better, because you can’t solve a problem that does not exist. We need to look past this word and focus on the real issues, rather than getting angry about assumptions we are making,” he added.

Nolan also explained that July is white history month, and he believes the month is exceptionally important considering the attacks on U.S. culture that are regularly happening throughout the country.

“I see so many people taking down monuments and statues of American heroes, including George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant. They want to erase Columbus day from the calendar. Columbus Ohio, where I wore that shirt, literally had their Columbus statue torn down! It is clear that many people hate and resent the history of white men, especially the heroes who founded and built America,” he said.

“I wore this shirt because I wanted to counter that narrative, and show appreciation for the Europeans who created Western civilization, the founders of this great nation, and the hard-working people who helped build it up to where we are today. It is not a show of supremacy, nor a way to minimize the history of others, but instead of sign of celebration, appreciation, and love, for a group that is now hated by so many people. Everybody else has a month, and it’s about time we get one too,” Nolan continued.

“We need to stop treating some people like victims and others like unaware oppressors, and realize that we are all Americans and that we all have our own story and struggle,” Nolan concluded.

With millions seemingly paralyzed by fear, patriotic stands taken by courageous individuals like Nolan against the mob are demonstrating to Americans that it is okay to be proud of their heritage and history.

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