North Carolina County Declares Itself a Pro-Life Sanctuary

On August 19, 2019, Yadkin County in North Carolina became the first official sanctuary county for life in America.

Pastor Keith Pavlansky, the president of Personhood North Carolina, declared that the passage of this pro-life resolution was an historic event and also added that the resolution “is the first step in adopting a complete culture of life in our communities.”

The resolution does the following:

  1. The first objective establishes, as the official policy of the county, the scientific fact that life begins at conception or fertilization.
  2. The second commits to enforce this policy “by all means within its power, in accordance with its responsibilities as the people’s elected local representatives.”

Pro-life activists are following up by erecting a plaque on the county government grounds. This plaque commemorates the resolution and the efforts of pro-life activists to make this policy a reality.

According to LifeSiteNews, there are “plans for public town hall meetings to work with the people, churches, and local organizations to find ways to provide support for mothers and fathers of pre-born children so that the county can become a place that truly welcomes and protects the gift of life.”

LifeSiteNews notes that this sanctuary county is unique because of its affirmation of “the right of the people to protect the right to life against a tyrannical judiciary.”

Sarah Quale, president of Personhood Alliance Education, told LifeSiteNews that the Personhood Alliance is working with its affiliate organizations to spread sanctuaries for life across the nation.

“When you look at a county-by-county map of America, and you see how conservative the vast majority of them are, you realize the enormous opportunity the pro-life movement has. But for almost 50 years, we’ve completely given our power away and trusted politicians and judges to end the injustice of abortion. After all this time, shouldn’t we be further along?” Quale asked.

Quale added, “There are hundreds of counties like Yadkin and thousands of towns and municipalities with good Christian people who want to stand up and do something impactful and eternal. The only reason abortion is still legal in the United States and still culturally accepted under the auspices of choice, rights, and healthcare is because we have allowed it to be so. It’s time for us to change that.”

Sanctuaries for life are the latest in the trend of political decentralization that is sweeping across the nation.

When politicians at the federal and state level won’t do their jobs, citizens at the local level are now taking matters into their own hands.


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