North Carolina County Firmly Rejects Gun Control

Cherokee County in North Carolina has declared itself a Second Amendment bastion.

In a 3-2 vote, the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners established that it won’t enforce state or federal level gun control.

This resolution was written by County Commissioner Dan Eichenbaum, who cited the Second Amendment and the right to “keep and bear arms” for protection. Eichenbaum also referenced the historical example of Weimar Germany and its gun confiscation measures that ultimately enabled the authoritarian Nazi government to later consolidate its power.

Commissioner C.B. McKinnon posted the three-page measure to Facebook, which declared that Cherokee County won’t fund or carry out federal or state laws that infringe on Second Amendment rights.

Therefore, the Cherokee County Government will not authorize or appropriate government funds, resources, employees, agencies, contractors, buildings, detention centers or offices for the purpose of enforcing or assisting in the enforcement of any element of such acts, laws, orders, mandates, rules or regulations, that infringe on the right by the people to keep and bear arms as described and defined in detail above.

Cherokee officials cited Oregon’s Second Amendment Preservation Ordinances as an inspiration.

The North Carolina county’s move to designate itself as a Second Amendment safe zone is just the latest county to stand up to gun control. States like Colorado, Maryland, and New Mexico have seen rural counties rebel against their big city gun control overlords.

Anti-gun forces that think they will pass gun control at will are in a for rude awakening as more counties will stand up their despotic ways.


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