North Carolina Democrats Demand Door-to-Door Ballot Harvesting Permissions During Wuhan Virus Lockdown

First in Freedom Daily reported that the North Carolina Democrat party is calling for the legalization of door-to-door ballot harvesting during the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Robert Howard, a communications operative for the North Carolina Democrat Party, tweeted the following:

“.@NCDemParty outlined a list of priorities to the SBOE – better accessibility for mail-in ballot requests, one-step register & mail-in ballot request, better transparency & tracking – to ensure voting remains fair, free, and secure amid coronavirus #ncpol

Several of the list of priorities for the NCDP included:


  1. Prepaid postage for mailed ballot requests and returns.
  2. Allow voters to request mail-in ballots by email, fax, online form, or over the phone and honor requests submitted by the one-week deadline.
  3. Allow near relatives and legal guardians to request mail-in ballots at polling locations during One-Stop Early Voting and on Election Day.
  4. Allow persons other than near relatives and legal guardians to assist voters with requesting, completing, and returning ballots.
  5. Allow voters to register by mail up to the mail-in ballot request deadline, allow voters to “one-stop” register to vote and request a mail-in ballot, and restore same-day registration.
  6. Allow voters to certify their ballot by providing the signature of one witness or confirming their intent to submit the ballot in-person or over the phone.
  7. Allow voters and those assisting voters to return mail-in ballots at One-Stop Early Voting sites and Election Day polling places (including curbside).
  8. Count every mail-in ballot submitted by Election Day.
  9. Establish a one-step process for registering to vote and requesting a mail-in ballot.
  10. Establish a robust and uniform system for notifying voters when the Board determines their ballot request or application is invalid.
  11. Develop a tracking system that allows voters to track their ballot from the local Board and on its return from the voter to the local Board.

Several North Carolina political observers have caught on to North Carolina Democrats underhanded schemes.

One Twitter user commented “The North Carolina Democratic Party is literally calling for the legalization of door to door ballot harvesting, which is both a public health risk and a proven method of election fraud. #ncpol

Another user Tweeted, “Ballot harvesting is OK when Democrats do it.#NC09 #NCpol


Like most of their radical leftist colleagues, North Carolina Democrats are taking advantage of a crisis to push their policy points forward, consequences be damned.

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