North Carolina Police Officer Viciously Beaten as Onlookers Laugh, Film for 11 Minutes

A Robeson County, North Carolina police officer had to be airlifted to a hospital after being brutally beaten in an altercation with a criminal suspect that lasted for eleven minutes. The lengthy struggle was captured on camera by a man who refused to assist the officer in the apprehension of the suspect, instead opting to laugh, taunt and cheer on the vicious beating as he filmed it.

27-year old Officer Michael Sale of the Rowland Police Department was airlifted to a hospital after reportedly suffering fractured bones in the face during a lengthy 11-minute struggle. Sale was supposedly responding to a report of a disturbance of the peace when he encountered Jamel Alphonso Rogers. When Sale attempted to detain Rogers, the two men began a fight that would continue for more than ten minutes.

Officer Sale asks the man filming the brutal struggle to intervene, but he doesn’t expressing his disdain for police and at times even cheering on the thug brutally beating the police officer.

Let him whoop his a**! Don’t let that man take you to f****** jail.

Officer Sale was apparently the only police officer on duty in his rural community during the altercation, preventing him from calling for backup during the struggle.

Most shockingly, the officer lost possession of his firearm at one point in the fight, placing himself in serious danger with the thug attacking him.

Rogers was eventually subdued and detained, and he’s facing some serious criminal charges as a result of his fight with the police. He’s being charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intentions to kill while inflicting serious injuries, kidnapping and two counts of resisting a public officer.

Fortunately, Rowland Police Chief Hubert B. Graham is describing the video footage as evidence for criminal proceedings against Rogers. Hubert describes himself as “thankful for the video because it pretty much proves my case for my officer.

Welcome to a low-trust society, in which significant segments of the public trusts in no authority and views itself as above the law.

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