North Dakota Group Wants to Recall County Commissioner for Trying to Flood the County with Third World Refugees

The Bismarck Tribune reported that an immigration patriot group in North Dakota is trying to unseat Burleigh County Commissioner Kathleen Jones via recall petition because of her efforts to resettle refugees in the county.

The petition being filed against Jones demands that Jones be recalled for “the reasons of contempt of the voters and negligence in office.” This petition lists a five-person sponsoring committee to give voters an idea of the political event that took place.

Back in December, the county commission voted 3-2 to let Lutheran Social Services continue resettling refugees in Burleigh County. This meeting was called in response to an executive order from President Donald Trump that allowed states and counties to determine their own resettlement policies. Last month, the commission voted 3-2 to discard the use of a non-binding straw poll to determine if Burleigh voters want to continue taking in refugees.

Recall organizer Robert Field informed the Bismarck Tribune that commissioners Jones, Jerry Woodcox and Mark Armstrong’s votes for refugee resettlement and against using a straw poll to decide the matter in the future were the main catalysts behind the group’s decision to start organizing a petition.

Per North Dakota state law, recall petitions are limited to one official.

In Field’s view, Jones “was the easiest target.”

Jones, who has been in office since 2014, believes she is being singled out due to her gender.

In order to get a recall election going, the recall group must collect approximately 12,000 signatures from county residents within a year in order to activate a recall election.

Such measures will need to be taken in order to stave away mass migration.

If not, the U.S. will cease to be a functioning nation.

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