North Dakota Rep. Jeremy Olson Mocks Conservatives Who Stand for Family Values and Children’s Innocence

During an interview on May 17 on the Plain Talk podcast, North Dakota State Representative Jeremy Olson made several controversial remarks that offended grassroots conservatives. He specifically mocked individuals who focus on social issues such as abortion, the presence of pornographic material in schools, and the preservation of childhood innocence.

Olson represents the Watford City area and was first elected to North Dakota’s State House District 26 in 2022.  He scoffed about concerns brought by grassroots conservative  activists, declaring, “I don’t hear much about the social issues besides from cultural warriors on Facebook.” He doubled down on his position, claiming, “It is not my high priority to put much time and effort into [social issues]. I am not the champion of those social issues.”

His comments have generated pushback from constituents who push for traditional family values and the protection of children from noxious influences. Several activists perceive Olson’s comments as dismissive and represent a disconnect between elected officials and their constituents’ concerns.

Olson’s statements come at a time when social issues are at the fore of political discourse in North Dakota. Some of the most prominent debate topics include sex education in schools, access to abortion services after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in the summer of 2022, and the impact of media on children’s development.

In response to the growing levels of criticism from grassroots conservatives, Olson still hasn’t issued a statement addressing the controversy. However, his comments on Plain Talk have raised questions about his conservative bona fides. 

For all intents and purposes, Olson looks like another weak-kneed Republican who is willing to sell out his constituents at the drop of the hat. 

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