North Korea Blames Japan, South Korea, and United States for Crossing Danger Line

On March 4, 2023, the North Korean Foreign Ministry declared that Japan, South Korea, and the United States crossed a “danger line” that cannot be tolerated. 

According to TASS, North Korean authorities blamed the US for the international arms control system’s implosion. In addition, the North Koreans declared that their nuclear weapons were built in response to US hegemony and are viewed as a mechanism to ensure geopolitical stability in the Korean Peninsula. 

There’s speculation that North Korea’s statement could have been propelled by announced military exercises such as Freedom Shield — a computer-simulated command exercise that was held from March 13 to March 23 — in which South Korea and the US participated in. 

North Korea stressed that it would firmly respond to any provocations from Japan, South Korea, and the US, which includes drills. 

The US is looking for trouble here. While North Korea is a brutal regime, it poses no threat to the US. Its case is rather instructive. Unlike countries such as Iraq, Libya, or the former Yugoslavia, North Korea has nuclear weapons — the ultimate deterrent against geopolitical aggression that threatens its  national sovereignty. 

So any kind of direct military action against North Korea could see the use of nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula — a nightmare scenario that should be avoided at all costs. The US will need to stop poking North Korea, and instead encourage the East Asians to sort out their problems among themselves. We don’t want the US to potentially sleepwalk into another conflict that has nuclear implications.

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