North Korea State TV Shows Movie About Nazis

Kim Jong Un, Facebook

As Americans were waking up for their Sunday morning here in the United States, the North Koreans were watching a movie about Nazis on their state television network.

A livestream of Korean Central Television (KCTV) broadcasted an old Western-produced Nazi World War Two film until approximately 4:45 PM in Pyongyang.

The colorized film appeared to have been made in the 1940’s or early 1950’s. One of the commenters on the barely-noticed KCTV livestream commented that the film appeared to be British in origin.

The movie, dubbed into Korean, depicted behind-the-scenes conversations and relationships involving Nazi officers and bureaucrats, rather than combat scenes.

The bizarre movie choice could be a signal to foreign powers like the United States.

The movie concluded and was followed by a long stream of video footage of flowers, followed in turn by a North Korean state news broadcast.

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